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    South China Morning Post 
Experts devise do-it-yourself face masks to help people battle coronavirus 

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Coronavirus: Prepare For National Lockdown Sun Mar 15 45:07

     Coronavirus Update from Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity 

#CoronaVirusUpdates #CoronaVirusUpdates Ministry of health Saudi Arabia released small video, how the virus spread

     MY GOAL / WISH 
PLEASE help Kaiser incorporate a simple 5 second video clip into their hygiene training: 
Within an episode of SCRUBS tv show on COMEDY CENTRAL one scene contains:
RN touching Garbage Can Lid with Gloved hand. CGI Computer Generated Imaging shows green bacteria or Virus contagion transfer from Trash onto gloved hand. 


Question: does “find your beach.” sound like a Navy Seal or Spec Ops Password? Too Funny

TP/Purell black market... “find your beach.” #CoronaOutbreak #panicshopping #toiletpapercrisis #handsanitizer

PENTAGON Orders that ALL D.O.D. Military Armed Services Personnel Living on or serving at Military Properties can NOT TRAVEL Domestically 35:50
Google YouTube Twitter Facebook Linkedin censorship of independent journalists has made this pandemic far worse than it had to be. 
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Coronavirus Update with Stefan Molyneux - REINFECTION & HERD IMMUNITY! 1:10:32 
World Health Organization Caused Corona Virus Outbreak yet opposes Travel Bans 0:40-0:52
Boomers failed to contain communism and Communism failed to contain outbreak that threatens Boomers. 2:20-2:40
England to self-inflict low risk people with Covid-19 in attempt to boost herd immunity / social immunity experiment
All Public Gatherings of 50 or more people are VERBOTEN / Forbidden in Germany. France Closing Public clubs too.
9:00 from HuffPost which is i guess you Huff and then you post 
12:00 Anaconda wrapped around a young Natasha Kinsky Though actually a Python 
CANADA Airport screens Travelers from Wuhan with a Touch Screen. They ask you to “TOUCH” when from WUHAN. 
How bout when Pandemic we DO NOT ASK them to TOUCH a SCREEN? 32:50
PENTAGON Orders that ALL D.O.D. Military Personnel Living on or serving at Military Properties can NOT TRAVEL Domestically 35:50


     Dr. Jack Kruse 
How to transfer wisdom in the modern world? with Dr. Jack Kruse 

     Watch video
Dr. Mercola: How to avoid being EMF*D w/ Josh Del Sol of

     WeAreChange Sat Mar 14 11:30 
The Important News You’re Missing While Everyone Is Distracted By The Panic

Denmark rushes through emergency coronavirus law

LAPD is prepping for shutdown within days. Garcetti reached out today to coordinate. Stay safe LA County. We 

The big question with the shutdown is how long can it really go on before people ignore it (especially younger populations that face less of a risk). People will just move from clubs and bars to house parties that could be more packed.

And for young kids the alternative when schools are shut are right now almost worse than schools (the trampoline park is open as are the indoor sports facilities for older kids) and if libraries are taken over by daycare for kids of those in emergency service jobs wont those libraries be as bad as the schools they are replacing.

also if college aged kids are already carrying the virus, sending them all home creates a huge increase in cases country wide. Stanford has students from everywhere and just sent them home but some students have already tested positive.

Lessons From Lyme Disease: Six Reasons The CDC’s COVID-19 Failure Was Predictable

Some of y'all need to take this time off to clean your refrigerators and utensil holders.

More evidence that this coronavirus may have a eugenic purpose.
Source: Thailand Medical News Feb 16, 2020 28 days ago
BREAKING NEWS! Latest Research Published by Chinese Scientists Say Coronavirus Might Render Certain Male Patients Infertile

Captain Dan Hanley 911 Whistleblower Discusses New Organization for Pilots @

YOU can be strip searched, vaccinated, and 'quarantined' ... but 'The Govt.' is Above reproach? ~  
Trying to Avoid Pain, Americans Have Only Delayed the Inevitable and Allowed the Cancer to Spread 

Engineers Pledge $45,000 Reward for Refuting WTC7 University of Alaska Study 


“Top Secret 911-like Coronavirus Response” - FFW 20.03.14 

9/11 Lives!

2) Peer-Reviewed Journal Publishes Article on Academic Resistance to 9/11 Truth. Outright Hostility Ensues. 

3) World Trade Center Blueprints Found in Trash Up for Sale 

4) A Record of Major High-Rise Fires Worldwide 

“Top Secret 9/11-like” Coronavirus Response?!

5) US Intel Agencies Played Unsettling Role in Classified and “9/11-like” Coronavirus Response Plan 

6) The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic: The Real Danger is “Agenda ID 2020” 

7) Dirty money: The case against using cash during the coronavirus outbreak (CNN propaganda for cashless society) 

8) William Engdahl: Will Rockefellers Use Corona to Lock Down the Planet? 

Israeli Bioterror?

9) Virus Outbreaks are Israeli Bio-Terrorism 

10) World Israel News attacks Kevin & Philip Giraldi over Iran & corona “conspiracy theories”,-Israel-waging-biological-warfare-on-massive-scale 

Corona WW3?

11) China does not rule out US role in coronavirus outbreak 

12) WaPo: “Orchestrated all-out campaign by Chinese government” blames US for coronoa biowar 

13) Coronavirus Bioweapon Launched as Economic Sabotage Operation to Disrupt Italian-Chinese Port Arrangement 

Oil WW3?

14) Russia’s Rejection of OPEC+ Was the Result of Cold Geostrategic Calculations 

Mighty Trump vs. Corona Monster



before he spreads Wuhan Corona Flu to 100 kids who will spread it to 

1,000 Teachers Nurses Doctors Moms Dads and Elders!

Quarantine. isolation. Straight Jacket STAT! 
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