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     CheeksProductions 3:38 May 24, 2020 
Coronavirus - 1970s Public Information Film

#BlackPigeonSpeaks #GeorgeSoros #Antifa 12:48 
Soros 2020 Colour Revolution EXPLAINED Jun 20, 2020 
Felix Rex 

      reallygraceful Jun 21, 2020 11:20
Bill Gates isn't gone, he's just away—at work on GMO mosquitoes, artificial breast milk, and the plan to have black Americans injected with that rushed new COVID-19 vaccine

     We Are Change 15:44 Mon Jun 22 2020
🚨🚨🎥NEW VIDEO: Holy Cow This Is A Big Story... And They Found Her!
In this video, we deliver bombshell news about the Nova Scotia shooter and the search for Ghislaine Maxwell.

     BLM = Burn Loot Murder
Fellas Throwing fireworks on sleeping homeless people!? Wtf is wrong with humans
93% of interracial violence in America is Black on White
ColinFlaherty     @colinflaherty

for a ROBBERY in front of 246 E 199 St. #Bronx on 6/7/20 at 7:40 AM. Pictured individual pushed 80 year old victim to ground and removed backpack.
Reward up to $2500
Seen him? Know who he is?
Call 1-800-577-TIPS
Calls are CONFIDENTIAL! #YourCityYourCall
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