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Andy Ngô @MrAndyNgo 
More video of how antifa in Portland attacked police at the autonomous zone and made them retreat. They sprayed a chemical all over one police cruiser’s front window to completely block the view while others threw projectiles.
Andy Ngô   @MrAndyNgo 
Some antifa are calling their Portland street occupation the “Red House Autonomous Zone,” or RHAZ. The “Red House” is the name given to a property illegally occupied by squatters & far-left extremists. They’re not allowing the owners access to own property
Andy Ngô   @MrAndyNgo 
Local Portland news team with
was surrounded & assaulted by antifa when they went inside the autonomous zone. The female reporter’s hand was left bloodied. 
Ric Peavyhouse   @RPeavyhouse 
"We got [the] cameras we need." @GenevieveReaume and I were assaulted while walking into the barricaded area on N Mississippi. It seemed safe at first but a crowd quickly surrounded us. One of our phones was smashed. We wanted to talk to those involved in the demonstration.
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Andy Ngô   @MrAndyNgo 
Footage from inside Portland’s antifa Red House Autonomous Zone. They’ve reinforced their hard border and have set up a larger buffer zone around the occupation.

Andy Ngô   @MrAndyNgo 
Portland Police retreated both on foot and vehicle after responding to the antifa autonomous zone in north Portland yesterday. The street occupation has continued to grow in the hours since and more comrade reinforcements have come in to protect the zone.

Andy Ngô   @MrAndyNgo 
Video of antifa attacking local Portland reporter
at the autonomous zone yesterday. She was left with a hand injury and a smashed mobile phone.

Andy Ngô   @MrAndyNgo 
Portland Police raided an illegal squat this morning. The property & surrounding area had been occupied by antifa & extremists for months. Police recovered firearms & weapons. In response, antifa sent in reinforcements & have created an autonomous zone.

0:45   Andy Ngô @MrAndyNgo 
Antifa rioters attack police cruisers in north Portland at the new autonomous zone in protection of a property being illegally occupied by squatters.

1:50    Andy Ngô   @MrAndyNgo   
Antifa attacked
and made them retreat when they responded to the autonomous zone in north Portland.

#BLM = Burn Loot Murder    
#Antifa = Anti First Amendment 
#Chaz  = Crack Heroin Amphetamine Zone
#CHOP = Crack Heroin Opium Pills    
#BLM #Antifa #SOROS #ARSON #Terror #Mob #SoyMalia #TofuDishu #Antifastan #Anqueefa
#SoyVietUnion #WOKEaDISHU #Chazmania #Portland #Seattle #Eugene
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