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Ammon Bundy  17:29 Children Quarantine Facilities 
Children and Youth Emergency Quarantine Centers 
What are Governors Planning to do with our Children 

Greatest video ever.  We're on your side! #riots 00:24
Dissident Professor @DissidentPr1 · 9h Replying to ColinFlaherty @colinflaherty
Paris doesn’t look to good..   0:26    US Riot Updates     @US_News_Updates

     US Riot Updates

US Riot UpdatesV2 (Backup Page) 

US Riot Updates @US_News_Updates 15m
U.S military bases in #DC region including #Pentagon have moved to FPCON CHARLIE - Charlie applies when an incident occurs or intelligence is received indicating some form of **terrorist action** or targeting against personnel or facilities is likely.

200 Cars Stolen by Looters from San Leandro, CA   Dodge   Hellcats Chargers and Challengers 

     Thank you, Amazing Polly! 27:14
Another great exploration: " 4th. Generation Warfare."
Riots & Lockdown - 4th Generation Warfare. 
Could these protests turned riots and the virus lockdowns be part of an organized attempt at a revolution or insurrection? It looks like we're experiencing 4...
Chauvin and Floyd’s NightClub Boss: Maya Santamaria Night Club Owner was LaRaza, 
Chauvin worked as bouncer at NightClub for 17 years. Floyd too. Both were PO RN actors. 
MN Target Store was the 1st to be LOOTED! 
Chauvin and Floyd’s NightClub Boss: Maya Santamaria worked w/ MN Twins to forward LaRaza agenda to Retake USA for Mexico. Flood w/ illegal aliens, Overthrow America.
Brokered Radio Station / Major League Baseball Agenda for LaRaza
Monica C. Lozano also La Raza activist, hired as Target Stores Board Member: Forced Target Stores to install Transgender Bathrooms. 
Target’s Board also includes other Subversive Activists: was 1st place to get looted. Could it be they were taking one for the team? 
AGENDA 21 Tyson ADM etc close Meat Plants ALT Motive Shut down Food Supply. Memphis Meat Stock Price Conflict of interest.
Agenda 21 Bill Gates $ Funds Beyond Meat
     #JonXArmy 2:49 
Lights out! Blackout incoming! and Dutchsinse on FB 
Looking for live earthquake information streaming 24/7? Link here :) cheers and much love!

Luke Rudkowski 10:32
What's Really Going On In NYC And Why It's About To Get Worse
In this video, we explain what's really going on in New York City during this time of protests, violence, looting and chaos.

     Buffalo, New York 2:19
Horrific Scene as Car Plows Into Dozens of Police Amid Rioting in Buffalo, New York

     Luke Z Rudkowski 
Cant people see that violence is escalating on both sides, that we are on a run away train headed towards a civil war.
Just cause you highlight one case of violence does not automatically make you apart of a side, its important to show both sides of the story here more than ever.
Sadly less and less people are doing that, as emotions take over logic goes out the door. 
Expect things to get a lot worse from here. 
I am not taking a side the only position I hold is against this engineered civil war, which we should all be against.

     Timcast 21:11 
New Video Emerges Showing This Is ORGANIZED Insurrection, We Are Entering Full Civil War Territory 

Dear Protesters, Stop Being Surprised When You Get Run Over While Threatening People in Cars 

Brittany Sellner liked    BasedPoland     @BasedPoland    0:41
Good morning #Philadelphia
Looters Gonna Loot! Looters Gonna Crash!

Stefan Molyneux, MA     @StefanMolyneux 
George Floyd: - On fentanyl - Heart disease - Used meth - Hypertension - Cocaine addict - Having a heart attack - Resisted arrest - Refused to get in the car - Ambulance called - Restrained (dangerous due to fentanyl) - Dies

     Stefan Molyneux 
Stefan Molyneux
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