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     Vandals Smash Glass 3 hours of Stores Smashed Looted Dolce Gabana Broken Burnt Flooded Gone
San Francisco at night it’s going down Union Square Sat May 30 2020 

Niggas Shoppin. Real Good Sale. 100% OFF! Shopping spree SF. Everything s Free. Don’ need no credit card. - Jermaine Ellis
Vandals Smash Glass 3 hours of Stores Smashed Looted Dolce&Gabbana Broken Burnt Flooded 
San Francisco at night it’s going down Union Square Sat Eve May 30 2020 
Salvatore FerraGamo Gucci Cartier Channel Coach Lulu Lemon Macys Shreve&Co 
Watch Stores Jewelry Stores Shoe Stores H&M Crate & Barrel Marshalls Old Navy 
Coach 190 Post St SF 
Dolce&Gabbana 100 Grant Ave SF
Maiden Lane Music Store Christian Louboutin 29 Maiden Ln, SF
Lulu Lemon 327 Grant Ave SF 
Salvatore Ferragamo, 236 Post St SF
Tourbillon Boutique 231 Post SF Music Store 

Looting, Fires Mark Fourth Day of Protest in LA

In Pursuit Of Truth scroll down to lanterns and read all 10 or 12 posts up from there. See also All of April 1-30. Note what was written in 2018 has come true 2020.



Mark Dice re: FaceBook Council

Coats before DeClassification

NEW TALK: Dr. Buttar reveals CIA-declassified research on millimeter-wave radiation

Ep12 with Melissa Gallico
Fluoridation and the policy is a "pollution story". We are drinking liquid dirty contaminated air pollution that is captured in the wet scrubbers of industry. This is unbelievable of the "sci-fi/ horror genre" that is now real! 

     China : Don't Speak 6:51 
China Making 4 Military Moves at Once! Prepare!

     3rd Precinct 33rd St MN 
2:01 Luke Rudkowski @Lukewearechange 
Wow this is the video of the police officers retreating and abandoning the police precinct

#BlackPigeonSpeaks #FelixRex #ICantBreathe
America's Spectrum of Political Violence EXPLAINED 

     World Alternative Media 13:13 
CDC Tested WATER Positive For Virus! - WHY Does Anyone Take Them Seriously? 

Day 126 thu May 28 47:17 
Garbage ‘Science’: Be Wary Of What You’re Being Told 

May 28 Day 126 47:17
Garbage 'Science': Be Wary Of What You're Being Told 

Market Update: Decision Time! 42:06 Frday May 29
The window to act before the next market break is likely very, very short 

     Stefan Molyneux 44:26 Friday May 29 
Trump's Executive Order on Social Media Censorship Leaked! 

Twitter REMOVES Verification from Journalists Who Covered Obama Surveillance 
Over 40 States Organizing to Fight 5G Antenna Installations
Since its establishment in August of 2018, Americans for Responsible Technology (ART), a science-based environmental health non-profit in New York, has grown into the largest coordinated grassroots movement seeking to provide local activists and local legislators with tools to help protect communiti... 

     reallygraceful 16:02 
Who Controls the Gates Family? 

JFK Secret Societies Speech incase we forgot

Louisville, KY Minneapolis, MN Atlanta, GA Los Angeles, CA Evansville, IN Columbia, SC Charlotte, NC Memphis, TN Tampa Bay, FL Columbus, OH New York City Phoenix, AZ Omaha, NE St. Louis, MO Ferguson, MO

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     Colin Flaherty re: the fellas Super Easy Podcasts to hear weekdays
When Recording Mass Riots and Gang Violence please remember to steady your cam and Hold your Phone Horizontal #BlackFriday 

Trump's Press Sec. ENDS Chris Cuomo's Career 
Chris (Fredo) Cuomo thought it would be funny to mock President Trump on CNN for taking Hydroxychloroquine. Trump's Press Sec. Kayleigh McEnany quickly point...

ColinFlaherty liked     Stefan Molyneux, MA     @StefanMolyneux 
Looting is just the welfare state without the middleman.

The Summer of RAGE: Brought to You by the Media
This was Originally streamed LIVE on ✅Become Subscribestar Member: ✅Become Patreon ...

A: The Best Predictor of Covid19 Risk is Air Pollution (see: china, italy) Arson Vandals are Torching Towns all across USA
B: Mobs of Looters and Vandals are Fighting Beating up poor guys trying to protect their stores
Yelling Screaming and Cutting their arms legs hands and feet on Broken Store Windows
C: Not Social Distancing
D: Zombie Apocalypse
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