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    BREAK TRANCE. Store WATER. Store Beans, Candles, fuel, First Aid and Camp Gear. Get Ready. Prep for EarthQuake, $ Dollar Collapse and Grid Down. All 3 are Likely.
Store WATER. Do not recycle your 1 Gallon Crystal Geyser Water Bottles. Fill with Tap Water And Store in all of your Closets and Garage, etc. 
YOU NEED WATER TO: Drink. Cook, Shower, Wash, Clean, Flush. SO yes THE BEST WATER is for Drinking whereas the WORST water can be Flushed. 
Prepare to CAMP at YOUR HOUSE for a Month or a SEASON or a YEAR, or years, or  FOREVER. 

      Peter Schiff July 23, 2020 46:35 Gold $1900 (then $1977) Silver $22.56 
Investors remain oblivious to gold's warning - Ep 594 

 Covid-19 Is So Hard To Defeat Because Its So Alien To Us Frd Jul 24 43:21
It's so novel that we don't have a good natural analog to compare it to 

Tucker: Coronavirus response is being driven by politics

     Edward Snowden
All hackers need is your phone number according to Snowden
Previously, you had to click on a link in a text message; that's no longer necessary.
All the hacker needs is your phone number. It's usually pretty easy to find online. 

     MACE SPRAYED @ San Diego, CA Park
Video: Woman maces couple for not wearings masks in San Diego park

     $ to BLM goes to Communist Causes. WAKE UP. 
Now is where I take my tinfoil hat off and declare myself justified with all the proof to open the eyes of the blind..
To all you people that are tired of the blind and deaf that drink the koolaid from the mainstream media.
Well this is the video to open their eyes and instead of being divided we unite..
No vaccines for me or you.
We are Americans.. black white yellow or red.. we are 1 people.. we stand as one people and we beat this evil our government is feeding us.
You either stay blind and divided and our nation burns! Or we come togther in one accord as individuals into a collective but remain unique individuals!
The truth is presented to you here and now!
--- Ed Mac ---

Alan Sabrosky: Is America Headed for Civil War?

U.S. house of cards is gonna collapse

     FastForwardTo 2:35
Consequences including Brutality  
Pamela Popper Jul 17, 2020 12:52

     ColinFlaherty 7.28
Seattle police chief: 'You are on your own. We cannot protect you.
Never in the history of anything have I ever seen or heard a police chief tell citizens that riots are coming and there is nothing the police can do to stop them or protect you.

But that is exactly what happened in Seattle this weekend.

And now every day something happens where our first reaction is just like our reaction to the Seattle Police chief: wow, Ive never seen anything like that before.

So we are in unchartered waters of violence and anarchy.

Other than that, how was your weekend?

All that and more in this new podcast....Jut click here.

     ColinFlaherty 7.27

TV star Kelsey Grammer has seen more black violence and murder than most.

First, a fella killed his father. 

Then, four fellas robbed, raped and murdered his sister.

Now, his daughter was attacked.

They are hardly the only celebs. A new podcast.
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