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     My Daily Green Drink: 
Water Filtered by Berkey
1 Fresh homegrown Organic Lemon Squeezed into 2 pint glasses. x 2 per day = 4
Black Pepper makes Turmeric / Curcumin 2000% more bioavailable
Ginger freshly sliced and diced. 
Green Drink powder from Trader Joes or other. TJís = Organic Chlorella, Spirulina, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass etc. powered contains Bentonite and 62 Trace Minerals 
Organic Beets Sliced and Diced. 
     Whatís in your Daily Green Drink?

One of these days you would want to be a person who does NOT touch your HANDS to your EYES until you are in the shower with clean hands. 
i wipe my eyes with the clean inside of my shirt or the clean inside of my freshly washed bed sheet. 
i do NOT EVER touch my eyes out in public or with unwashed hands. NEVER. 
which YEAR may bring a Pandemic. Stop Putting yourself at risk and it will matter less whether Wuhan is SUPER bad or just normal bad. 
MOST all of my life i look for exits in a room when someone is sickly coughing. Thatís my cue to change rooms at events. 
Most all of my life since High School i hold inhale quickly when someone coughs or sneezes, with my head turned away. Then i Calculate my options for exit or use my shirt to mask my inhale. 
One day my hygiene habits may save my life. No doubt i have dodged many viruses in my decades of practice. 

     Felix Rex BPS 
#WuhanCoronavirus #Pandemic #CoronaVirusHow a Pandemic could END CIVILIZATION

     Dana Ashlie 
Compilation of LEΑKS from Wuhαn. What's REALLY happening w/ Coronavirus??  

Fresno CA. Phoenix AZ. Seattle WA. Chicago IL. Toronto Canada. 2118  Total Confirmed 
2,794 Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Global Cases (by JHU CSSE)As of Jan 26, 2020 11 pm EST 
2,100 Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Global Cases (by JHU CSSE)As of Jan 26, 2020 4:30 pm EST 

     #Wuhan #CoronaVirusOutbreak #coronovirus
BREAKING: The Whole City of Wuhan China has been Quarantined!! & What Created the Corona Virus!?

     The Newsmonger 
Wuhan citizen plainly tells the #coronavirus situation in Wuhan & seeks help from the world. 

The Simpsons prediction of the Chinese bio weapon that is hitting America today 
Filthy Kaiser Hospital will Kill you! Do not GO! POOR Hygiene. 
You don't suppose that Jeff Bezos might help spread coronavirus like The Simpsons predicted, do you? Seems like such a trustworthy guy.

Currently a population the size of Canada and Australia combined, is under quarantine. 
This has never happened before in human history. To avoid possible contagion, 
what happens when truck drivers stop showing up for work, engineers at power plants, flight controllers, 
when global supply chains become interrupted? Think it through. Pandemics are a part of dense urban populations. 
In 1918, 20 million died.

The 3rd Annual REAL Fake News Awards! 
From the Corbett Report studios in western Japan, it's time for The 3rd Annual REAL Fake News Awards. Which media organization will take home the most Dinos for their dishonest reporting? 

     Just In Health 
Dr. Jack Kruse - Functional Medicine Mistakes, EMF, Sunlight and Your Mitochondria - Podcast #135 

     Look Up
David Miles on Steering Sky Rivers, Weather Moderation, and Military Implications

     Akkad Daily 
YouTube Have Killed the Sargon of Akkad Channel
PG&E Monopoly Controlled by the 1%: A perfect storm of environmental destruction and the transfer of public utility wealth from Californiaís 99% to the Global Rich 

Barnard students are demanding justice. Not for their fellow student who was murdered in a Harlem park. But for the black people who are victims of racism which somehow is the real root of this murder.

Fellas celebrate Valentineís Day at Wal-Mart with some argy bargy.
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