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This Is Why You Shoot Someone Advancing With A Knife

     ASSAULT with KNIFE in Nicaragua
When you're inside of 21 feet, a knife is equal to, or more deadly than a firearm. This video is the reason you see police react in the fashion that they do when a suspect is advancing with a knife. People can fight through OC Spray, and Tasers have a tendency to fail at the worst possible time.

Next time you want to criticize the police for taking the a lethal shot on an advancing person with a knife, I want you to remember this video.

**Mature Content Warning: This video was published off of Facebook due to it's graphic nature. Viewer discretion is advised.**
Graphic This Is Why You Shoot Someone Advancing With A Knife
All too often people like to question why cops use lethal force against people armed with only a knife. This video is the answer.

this is not even the full video. when I first viewed the whole video many moons ago it was poignant, as the cam witnessed closeup officers bleeding out and struggling to breathe, on the ground. those scenes are not even in this video... if somebody has that video please post it here. truly went on too long and the perp ran out into the village and did more harm... down the road. smh
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