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Andy Ng @MrAndyNgo 1h Thank you @PressSec
for talking about the REAL threat of organized & deadly antifa violence against myself & countless other victims. Those who want to support my lawsuit against Rose City Antifa for their assault can donate to my
legal fund:

A Message to New "Conspiracy Theorists"  
corbettreport Sep 25, 2020 36:07 
Unraveling how we got here. And maybe a few suggestions, on how to get out of this: agenda, by those who: " Want Us More than Beyond Dead. Well we'll well beyond being such passive Slaves! "
#385 CorbettReport September 25th. 2020
"A Message to New, " Conspiracy Theories." "

     Timcast Oct 1, 2020 26:42 
Trump CRUSHED Biden So Badly That They Will Now CUT OFF His Mic In Next Debates, Its All Rigged 

Dutchsinse 14 mins 
10/01/2020 -- Large Earthquake Swarm in California -- New Deep earthquake event underway - Be Ready

1pm PST Thu Mark Collett @MarkACollett 1h 
Tonight at 9pm UK time (4pm EST) I will be debating Gazi Kodzo on "The Future of Race Relations in the West". Please join us on DLive in get involved in the live chat:

Did Sleepy Joe have a wire?  
Here's What a Lockdown Should Actually Look Like

'multi-cultural white supremacy'?? ~ absurd .... Sep 30, 2020 40:05
Gavin McInnes: Presidential Debates & Trump's "Proud Boys" comment

Very strong condemnation coming from some well respected doctors about the situation here in Australia!
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Common sense and logical thought contained within.

We Are Vaxxed was live.17 hrs
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