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The youth SS just like in Nazi Germany back in the day
Sunrise Exposed [Extended Trailer] Sep 27, 2020 8:46 

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The tolerant left

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Critical Race Theory is Driving Britain Mad

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Premiere right now. Why MSN will not kill Trump.

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Thank you for flying Exorcist Airlines.
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Portland’s downtown has been devastated first by the impact of the coronavirus lockdown & then months of violent BLM-antifa riots. Over 20 businesses have closed for good, 80 retail locations are empty, & 170 are temporarily closed. #PortlandRiots #antifa

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There was a conservative protest today in downtown Portland. Antifa came to attack the attendees. As they were leaving, antifa tried to steal a woman’s US flag (she’s a person of color). She refused to let go & they pulled her to ground by her hair. She still didn’t let go.

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The same people who lectured us for the past 6 months about taking COVID seriously and not engaging in ‘conspiracy theories’ are now, after Trump caught it, not taking COVID seriously and engaging in conspiracy theories. “It’s OK when we do it!”

"It's not gonna be peaceful much longer": CA man who's lost his business and six friends to suicide threatens Shasta County board of supervisors (all masked) with "revolution"
The partisan thrust of the video is wholly understandable, but there are countless people in "blue" counties and cities who have also had it with the lockdowns. As long as this catastrophe is cast in terms of "civil war," and not a larger mass refusal to comply, the revolutionary possibility cannot be realized.
(I would download this pronto.)

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A  bn n@PortlandPolice officer was ambushed in an attack. A man smashed the cop's car window & maced him. He escaped in a car but was caught. John B. Russell, 41, was found carrying knives, a laser pointer, rocks, slingshot & other weapons used at #antifa riots

We Cannot Teach in Masks
6 September 2020
by Michael Lewis and Sinéad Murphy

THE RUSSIANS. Are they In the room w/ us rIght now? 
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Brave cold warrior Juliette :

On the evolution of COVID-19 propaganda

Are Big Cities Dead Forever?
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China, Real Estate, and Covid-19
September 10, 2020 By Lamprey Milt 


-- audio: 
Lamprey Milt on China, Real Estate and COVID-19 

===/ related?: 

A new report confirms what we’ve been talking about since the early days (read: here) of the virus pandemic, that is, an exodus out of major cities.

San Francisco Rents Crash Most On Record Amid Mass Exodus 
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