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*Report on the “Right to Refuse” San Francisco Meeting*
by Carol Brouillet (cbrouillet [at] )
*Tuesday Oct 6th, 2020 12:36 PM*
Report on a recent gathering of folks in San Francisco, who aren't buying
the dominant "Be Very Afraid" campaign that has accompanied the Covid19
Months of “Shelter In Place,” the constant FEAR campaign, lots of internet
research, has driven many of us to question the government response to the
WHO dubbed “Covid19” pandemic, especially in the wake of the decline of
actual deaths and the rise in the number of PCR positive tests
<>, counted as
cases, that are currently being used
<> to frighten people into
complying with what seems to be a never-ending emergency situation.
While, I do feel somewhat isolated by living in a household where my view
of the situation is the minority one, I have found many who share my point
of view scattered across the planet, writing books, articles, producing
films, podcasts, radio shows, websites, in a concerted effort to break the
spell of the mainstream press and an increasingly censored media landscape.
Unlike Berlin or London where enormous protests against the lockdowns have
taken place, in Northern California, I haven’t witnessed or heard of many
lockdown protests, but I have seen widespread compliance under the state
dictates of Governor Newsome (Nancy Pelosi’s beloved nephew) in this
strongly Democratic state. Simply questioning Covid19 is likely to evoke
the “Are you a Trump supporter?” question.
So, most of my activism has been in virtual space, including an online Film
Festival, which premiered Corbett’s Covid911: from Homeland Security to
is probably why I was invited to join with others at a “Right to Refuse”
physical gathering. I was thrilled at the possibility of meeting face to
face with real people, who share my concerns, and hopefully, would be
willing to do something about it!
I did contact the organizer and volunteered to bring food (which I
generally always bring to my meetings, rallies, events, conferences, as it
is a natural way to share and promotes socialization). I was surprised when
I got a call the day before the meeting with an estimate of an attendance
of 70 people, and I probably overdid it and baked and brought way too much
food to the gathering, but when I arrived in the underground parking
structure; I was delighted to be able to identify and seek the assistance
of several strong women who helped me carry all the food up four flights of
stairs to a beautiful large space. How illegal or secretive the gathering
was, I am not sure, but we were informed on where to go, if the police came
and tried to break it up, and we were advised not to take photographs,
videotape, and to turn off the cell phones.
I recognized 5 out of the 50 people who did show up, while there were fewer
young people, there was a diverse crowd, and it was easy for people to
begin conversations, just not enough time for 50 people to actually get to
know one another well or begin planning any sort of actions. There was an
opening circle, a closing circle and three small outbreak sessions,
organized around various topics such as health, political activism,
fitness, spirituality, science…
One young man shared his story of resistance in the opening circle. He had
had his car towed and jumped onto MUNI to go get his car, without a mask!
Muni wouldn’t let him go anywhere without a mask; they called the cops, who
came and left. He tried another MUNI, that driver also refused to drive
with him, without a mask; this happened several times, until the police
actually arrested him. He asked us all for legal help and assistance with
his case.
Unfortunately, I don’t think that there was a group formed to look at legal
strategies to challenge the “Lockdown Rules” which have been so bad in
various places, depending on the county, state, country. I am aware of the
legal cases that have challenged the constitutionality of the measures in
various states, as well as in Canada
and I think that it makes sense to pursue them everywhere. The question is
always to ask what level shall we work on this- the local, county
<>, regional,
national, international level
<> ?
In the parking garage, I was delighted to meet women from the Peninsula,
where I live, but many of the people were from the city of San Francisco,
and other places. Each brought a different viewpoint and has had their
lives affected in different ways.
Our main organizer had asked us all to share the best websites that we had
found informative, which he would then share with everyone. He also asked
us to send him our suggestions on where we thought we could or should go,
as far as further meetings, whatever. Ironically, I think many of us are
concerned about surveillance and privacy, but it is hard to organize
without being open, so there is an odd balance on who we want to share our
personal information with. Some people are more vulnerable and isolated
than others and feel more vulnerable and threatened. Under normal
circumstances, everyone would share contact info.
The day before our “physical meeting,” I was very inspired by the virtual
meeting/event entitled “The Line in the Sand
<>” which brought together 40
outspoken, visible people who were challenging the lockdown from around the
world and had lots of good ideas for actions, including one woman who
issued a challenge to all of us- “Who could bring a 1000 people to a County
Supervisors’ meeting to challenge the restrictions? I would like to see if
we could rustle up 1000 people in my county- Santa Clara, which numbers
1,700,000 or so, people to challenge our Board of Supervisors. That’s a bit
more doable than taking on Newsome in Sacramento.
However, I could see the 50 of us grow strong enough to support a real
court case in defense of the young man who refused to wear a mask, to show
that all of these measures are unconstitutional, unscientific, irrational,
and threaten the health and well-being of the vast majority and that the
real criminals are the ones who knowingly imposed these draconian measures.
I would like to see us able to discuss these action ideas online, at the
very least.
I do appreciate the gathering; I think all of us were heartened by being
able to relax and be ourselves and speak honestly with kindred spirits.
There are those that want us to be isolated and afraid in order to control
us. Obviously we need to be connected and courageous to challenge their
efforts and reclaim our lives and our liberty.
The organizer did send out to all of us the combined list of websites that
we had found useful. They included-
www.The <> <>
Sherri Tenpenny <>
Suzanne Humphries
Barbara Loe Fisher, NVIC <>
Ty and Charlene Bollinger, The Truth About Vaccines
A Voice for Choice <>
Dr. Pam Popper <>
America's Frontline Doctors <>
Freedom Angels <>
Peggy Hall, The Healthy American <>
Dr. Rashid Buttar <>
Dr. Andrew Kaufman <>
J. B. Handley <>
Spiro Skouras <>
The Last American Vagabond <>
Amazing Polly
Ben Swann <>
Corbett Report <>
David Martin <>
Denis Rancourt
Kris Anne Hall <>
London Real <>
David Icke <>
Technocracy News <>
The Conscious Resistance <>
Evidence Not Fear <>
Global Research <>
Pandemic Parallax View <>
Way of Life <>
Living Waters <>
Mark Cahill Ministries <>
daniel kotzin <> <>
Swiss Policy Research <>
Dr. Zach Bush: Dr. Zach Bush <> and his deeply
systemic analysis on what is going on Stitcher
Here an article by Dr. Christiane Northrup I love on a general approach
toward participating in our own health journey: Dr. Northrup’s 7 Building
Blocks of Health All You Need to Stay Healthy for Life
Frontline Critical Care Alliance having over 95% success rate treating even
the toughest patients: (treatment includes Vitamin
C, steroids, and blood thinners)
Here a variety of treatment strategies: summary by Dr. Thomas Levy: COVID-19
How Can I Cure Thee? Let Me Count the Ways
available through the Society of Orthomolecular medicine at
Here some success stories/results from early treatment and prophylactic
Nutritional and oxidative therapies:
Dr. Brownstein (reference to a study documenting the successful treatment
of over 100 patients) How One Doctor Successfully Treated COVID-19 Patients
With Nutritional and Oxidative Therapies
study at:
Early treatment strategies: HCQ and Zinc (a wealth of worldwide data is
available by now, and also in the US)
Medical studies supporting MDs prescribing HCQ <>
Early treatment strategies: inhaled steroids and zinc
Recent studies on Vitamin C for prevention and treatment:">
Society for Orthomolecular Medicine <>
Immune Resiliency Summit
Immune Defense Summit <>
Stanford professors Dr. John Ioannidis (e.g. The Totality of the Evidence
; Forecasting for COVID-19 has failed
Dr. Jay Bhattacharya (e.g. Stanford Antibody Studies Indicate No Safe
Option for Eradicating COVID-19, Including Lockdown
; Dr. Jay Bhattacharya | Lockdowns, Vaccines and Debt
<>) on taking unanticipated consequences and
collateral damage into account.
Dr. Jay Bhattacharya where he highlights the unscientific nature and danger
of censorship: Munk Debate: Did we overreact to COVID? Jay Bhattacharya and
Sten Vermund debate whether the scientific community has overreacted to the
threat of COVID-19
Some additional perspectives on schools by a panel of pediatricians,
psychiatrists, teachers, administrators, and parents:
Lockdown Sceptics - England-based (you can tell by the funny spelling)
group that sends out a few updates a week about all things Lockdown. Very
well written:
Rational Ground - new group combing the talents of some of the best Twitter
analysts on the data:
The king of the twitter resistance who also has two Amazon best-selling
booklets about this mess (Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns):
" <>
Global Research • Professor Michael Chossudovsky
Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth <>
OffGuardian <>
12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic
The UK Column <>
21 Century Wire <>
Unlimited Hangout - Whitney Webb
MintPress News <>
Paul Craig Roberts - Institute for Political Economy
Jon Rappoport's Blog <>
Jeremy Hammond <>
Dr Patrick Gentempo Vaccines Revealed <> Dr
Patrick Gentempo <>
Sayer Ji <>
Understanding Our Current Health Care Crisis
<> or or Conversations with Dr. Cowan &
Friends | Ep:2 - Sally Fallon Morell <>. Cowan
& Fallon's new book Contagion Myth was banned by Amazon b/f publisher
(Skyhorse) had printed any - so solely by the title or more likely the
subtitle. The Contagion Myth - Why Viruses (including
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