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     COVid 23 / SongBird
Ian Miles Cheong     @stillgray   18m 
Oh this Michael Bay movie is going to be awesome. 213th week of lockdown, Covid-23. Hahaha.

Ian Miles Cheong   @stillgray   56m 
What's this then.

Paul Joseph Watson   @PrisonPlanet   6h 
Nice, France: Three dead, woman decapitated by man yelling "Allahu Akbar." 
Sky News: "It was not immediately clear what the motive was for the attack."
Andy Ngô   @MrAndyNgo   2h 
Rioters in Washington DC throw an explosive mortar at police.
Andy Ngô @MrAndyNgo · 2h
Brooklyn last night: Black bloc rioters smashed up banks and spray painted their messages on the buildings. “Death to America” and “class war” read two messages. Video by @elaadeliahu:

#BLM = Burn Loot Murder    BLM = Baal Lucifer Moloch
#Antifa = Anti First Amendment 
#Chaz  = Crack Heroin Amphetamine Zone
#CHOP = Crack Heroin Opium Pills
#BLM #Antifa #SOROS #ARSON #Terror #Mob #SoyMalia #TofuDishu #Antifastan 
#SoyVietUnion #WOKEaDISHU #Chazmania #Portland #Seattle #Kenosha #DC #SF #Wauwatosa #Wisconsin #Milwaukee #SanBernardino #Philadelphia
Ian Miles Cheong   @stillgray   6m 
Joe Biden got called out at his rally in San Antonio for lying about Trump and was taken to task for his son's corruption with Ukraine. He couldn't answer.
Mark Collett   @MarkACollett   1h 
We were never asked if we wanted mass immigration.

     VENN diagram KEY Halloween Pumpkin 
Helpful Visual Aid Easy To Understand and Learn. FUN
Strata Stratagem Inc Retweeted
Bence Nanay   @BenceNanay   11h 
Halloween logic
Luke Rudkowski   @Lukewearechange   1h 
Has anyone watched the Netflix series Waco and holy cow that series is absolutely incredible I’m still kind of shocked that it’s on Netflix of all places.
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