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List of countries Trump has invaded: - - - - - - - - - (this is why they want him out)

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RISEUPMELBOURNE   @riseupmelbourne 
Insanity. April 2019, Project Runway TV show, a contestant named KOVID, guess what, he designed an outfit with a matching face MASK. The odds of that? I'd say nearly a mill to 1 at least. This is predictive programming at its finest people, these guys are taking the piss
2019 Project Runway had a contestant named Kovid who made a facial mask to go with his runway look!

Andy Ngô   @MrAndyNgo 
Antifa fake press union that seeks abolishment of capitalism urges comrades to file frivolous copyright complaints to limit the sharing of their videos they don’t you to see.

Antifa THUG blocks free speech camera

#France: Barricades & fires in #Paris during #protest against ‘Global Security' bill

Clashes in France as the first phase of a deeply authoritarian new law is passed in the lower courts. The law will make it illegal for citizens to film police at certain times and give the police the power to decide on a whim who is and isn't a reporter.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters in Paris turned out against the global security law, clashing with police for hours on end. Riot police were in many places repulsed by demonstrators, and the Bank of France was also set on fire. #StopLoiSecuriteGlobale

France just voted the law #LoiSecuritaireGlobale- Forbid to film the police- Generalize drone surveillance- Deregulate the use of mobile cameras worn by policeHi EU and the Polish leftWaving hand(The guy beaten is a journalist btw)

#France battle scenes from Paris where thousands took to the streets and have been fighting back against repression at a protest against a global security bill which critics fear will endanger press freedoms.

Info Warrior   @InfoWarriorNews 
Monkeys in #Paris. Monkeys with clothes and masks are destroying private property. How long will we return this to our countries and cities? #France

The Portland disease is spreading -- oh noes! 
PARIS: Thousands of Black bloc Antifa take on police, this makes Portland Antifa look like a freshman team

Paris is on fire @EmmanuelMacron #FranceProtests #Paris

we are worried....#Paris #France #FranceProtests

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