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Marilyn Krieger 
Our fabulous mountain lions. Hey everyone, I've just published an article about our local lions. It focuses on community scrapes, includes a little sex and a bit of excrement. Social Distancing Mountain Lion Style. Here's the URL:

     #N3 The Next News Network Nov 30, 2020 10:48
BOOM! CNN Reveals Dems WORST NIGHTMARE Forced to Report Trump’s Path to Victory Is REAL! 
Kyle Becker   @kylenabecker 
“State ballots must be postmarked to be considered valid & only USPS has lawful postmarking status. Therefore UPS, FedEx & other private parties cannot technically be involved in shipping ballots,” UPS told Reuters. OK, then explain *THIS.*
Ivan Pentchoukov   @IvanPentchoukov 
Is @UPS supposed to carry official election material? Because I and three #DominionWatch volunteers saw a UPS truck picking up a ballet of boxes marked "official absentee" from the Secretary of State's warehouse.

A Bank of France building and a newsstand are on fire in Place de la Bastille, Paris because of the violent riots currently in France

Hundreds of thousands of protesters in Paris turned out against the global security law, clashing with police for hours on end. Riot police were in many places repulsed by demonstrators, and the Bank of France was also set on fire. #StopLoiSecuriteGlobale

BIG. #France Gov. backtracks, agrees to Rewrite Parts of Security Law that triggered protests and riots over last week. Proposed Law restricted filming the police but was met with heavy protests. This from Saturday in Paris:

Jack Posobiec     @JackPosobiec 
Just an idea

In #France footage of police heavily repressing protesters in Paris demonstrating against a new bill that makes it illegal to share identifiable images of police and security forces. #ACAB #DefundThePolice #GiletsJaunes #StopLoiSecuriteGlobale
#ParisRiots #France There was rioting in Paris as well. Short video of Police getting cornered during one incident

NEW ANTI-GOVERNMENT PROTEST ALL AROUND FRANCE Absolutely chaotic atmosphere in the streets of Paris as riot police is forced to back down and let Bastille Square to the protesters.

A Recent UPDATE To The Situation Going On In #France Tear Gas And Rubber Bullets Being Used As Suppression Tools As Usual #Riots #Corruption

Mark Petrakis 
Some very worthwhile thoughts, from
Peter Kellow
, that closely mirror some of my own of late.
“Interesting how the great conflict of our times, whereby the elite parasites are making a grab for total power using a phoney medical crisis, appears to have a significant spiritual dimension. Maybe this is more significant than we might think. Some of the most articulate opponents of the elite enjoin a spiritual dimension to their robust analyses – Charlie Freak, Simon Parkes, Christopher Story and James Musker for example. There are others and they are all orientated towards Christianity in some form. Personally I post philosophical thoughts alongside tough nut political comments as do a number of my FB friends. On the contrary the elite who are trying to engineer a Global Corporate Fascism Technocracy are immersed in Freemasonry, the Illuminati and other Satanic occultist group. This is definitely a lining up of Christians against Luciferianism. As the struggle intensifies, as we hope it will, the spiritual alignment will become more and more central. Make no mistake, this is about Good versus Evil.”
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