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Stefan Molyneux
You really REALLY need to hear this speech.

BREAKING NEWS: Biden Administration Confirms Great Reset Coming Soon! Dec 3, 2020 17:13

Georgia Video Footage Allegedly Shows Poll Workers Staying Behind, Producing 'Suitcases of Ballots'
Election Coup HEATS UP in Georgia at RIVETING Fraud Hearing Today: Thursday Night Live with DeAnna! 
2020 Election Countdown 
December 3rd 2020
Sidney Powell files new lawsuit in Arizona; Dominion contractor: 'My life has been destroyed' | NTD
Did Trump invoke foreign interference provision of his 2018 EO, as response to cyber attack???? 
Did Trump invoke foreign interference provision of his 2018  executive order, authorizing military response to cyber attacks on the election??????
  * * * For those interested in considering all possibilities.....
Is this fiction, informed speculation, truth about the take down of deep state, or some of each?                    
Trump invokes foreign interference provision of his 2018 executive order, authorizing military response to cyber warfare, see NSPM 13 – [your]NEWS
Go to link for entire article & video of the same points

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     AWAKEN w/ JP SEARS /      AwakenWithJP 
The Cure for Divisiveness ?
Youtube and Bitchute simultaneous Censorship. Act the same way. This is the new form of Censorship!
Kyle Kashuv   @KyleKashuv 
Any logical explanation for this? Asking earnestly. 
WATCH: Video footage from Georgia shows suitcases filled with ballots pulled from under a table AFTER supervisors told poll workers to leave room and 4 people stayed behind to keep counting votes
Andy Ngô   @MrAndyNgo 
Antifa militants protesting the Portland
building overnight tried to stop a law enforcement vehicle from going on the property. Rioters have targeted the facility on a weekly basis for months now. #antifa

Lauren Southern 
How to create a criminal - teaser from #Crossfire
FYI if you have an android and have not updated it parts of the audio may cut out.

 The American Dream is being destroyed by Democrat lockdowns and closures in cities across the country. 
Democrats don’t care about income inequality, they are the largest contributors to it right now. Small businesses and the middle class are getting crushed.
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