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If the drawn-out election melodrama were a movie, think: Seven Days in May meets Six Days in October meet
Burn After Reading. You get a nice serving of treason in high places with a side-dish of Cuban Missile
Crisis end-of-the-world existential angst, and for dessert, a comic fiasco of bumbling government
depravity as served up by the Coen Brothers. The Democrats, you understand, are the party of chaos, yet
President Trump’s attempt to impose order on the scene has the quality of clown car driving to put out a fire.
A Hall of Smoke and Mirrors 
Dec 5, 2020
C.Fitts on Transparency/Accountability solution/cure to our Deep Dark State Cancer 
Season 2, Episode 11 of "TRUTH" with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., featuring Catherine Austin Fitts
"The interpretation of the world through the lens of 'social justice,' 'identity group politics' and
'intersectionalism' is probably the most audacious and comprehensive effort since the end of the Cold
War at creating a new ideology. 

"The unbelievable speed of this process has been principally caused by the fact that a handful of
businesses in Silicon Valley )notably Google, Twitter and Facebook) now have the power ... 
not just to direct what most people in the world know, think and say, but have a business model which has
accurately been described as relying on finding 'customers ready to pay to modify someone else's

"Identity politics is a system making demands that are impossible toward ends that are unachievable." 

Douglas Murray and His Continuing Fight against the "Madness of Crowds”
Is AI Racist?: 
Black Google Researcher Claims She Was Fired Because She Discovered AI Is Racist 

A well-known artificial intelligence researcher at Google tweeted Wednesday that she was fired over an
email expressing dismay with management over the censorship of new research. Timnit Gebru, a technical
co-lead of Google's Ethical…
America’s Future Is Liberal Fascism Sporting a Smiley Shirt and Armed With a Syringe
Does The Covid-19 Coronavirus Really Exist?
Clinton Gang Insider Spills Sleazy Secrets, Savages Chelsea

Drop Charges Against Assange, Snowden: Trump Could Stick it to Deep State & Obama, Clinton, Biden

Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Psychological Warfare Disguised as a Pandemic Threat
Covid-19 Vaccination: Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?
Much as Chief Justice John Roberts would like to be the finger down the Deep State’s throat to trigger the up-chucking of Mr. Trump from the nation’s gullet, it looks like he won’t get his chance in the new 6-3 disposition of the US Supreme Court. So far, it is Justice Samuel Alito in the lead, preparing a landing zone for the President’s case against the state of Pennsylvania in its shabby-ass attempt to stuff its ballot boxes with iffy mail-in votes. I believe that case is going to be heard, and Justice Roberts’ position will be moot.
A Resolving Picture
Dec 8
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