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     Awaken w/ JP Sears 
Instagram‘s New Terms of Service - Not Sketchy at All!
The terms of use that came out...
Instagram‘s new terms of service are not sketchy at all! The terms of use that came out December 20, 2020 involve many invasions of privacy. All of which are necessary for your protection. Don’t think Instagram should be able to read all your text messages? Then how else do you expect to look at pictures on Instagram? Instagram and Facebook will be watching you from your own phone with their new terms of service. Enjoy!
#BlackPigeonSpeaks #FelixRex #Election2020 Dec 26 2020 11:56
2020: Masculine Republicans / Feminine Democrats Explained 

     Simon Parkes
24th December Update Current News

     $     #EndTheFed
Chris Martenson     @chrismartenson 
Telling The Truth = YouTube Success in under 1 year.
George Gammon gets it and he has a warning for everyone.This is Part II. In Part I George interviews Chris which you can find here:  .

Jesse Lee Peterson   @JLPtalk 
Today is 1st day of #Kwanzaa 
--a racist holiday form hell! It was created by Ron Karenga, a felon & Marxist, to separate blacks from America & Christianity. I was on Tucker's show (MSNBC, circa 2006) discussing this godless holiday (1/3) Order SCAM:

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Zol Neveri   @ZNeveri 
It’s now or never...
     Rogan O’Handley     @DC_Draino 
A single act of defiance can spark a revolution

Behindenemylines @behindenemy360 Oopsie

     Stefan Molyneux 
FIRST TRIGGER WARNING: "As Dark as it Gets" A man terrified of his own violent thoughts revisits his brutalized childhood with philosopher Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain. One of the darkest calls in Freedomain's 15 year history. Great wisdom, power and salvation await, but this call WILL invoke strong emotions, please be aware.
Nashville RN Has B3ll's P@lsy After Receiving Karunka-ixx Vaxxination

It is officially False Flag Season from now until January 20th. Be on HIGH alert Patriots.

LB Clark
"I work in a hospital and predicted that soon after all the good little doobies took their annual flu shots that the cases would shoot up and they have. Just like they all wonder why they continue to get the flu year after year. The only healthy ones I can see are the ones who refuse the shots.
So, this years flu shots have primed the masses for what’s to come and it is not going to be any ordinary flu, just like it wasn’t in Northern Italy earlier this year. They received the new experimental flu vaxxxx. Then there is the f-i-v-e g-e-e....
Not one person that I work with has done any research on how an MNRA vaxxxx works and how all former trials of coronavirus vaxxxxines failed."

From Charlie Tame:
“I actually work in a nursing home and we had dodged the bullet for months and then along came the offer of flu vaccine that many accepted and their families accepted on behalf of those who were not able to decide.
A week later all tested positive and a week after that almost everybody tested positive including staff which put us in complete lockdown.
In about 17 years I've seen people "In the trade" take the flu shot and a week or so later they are off sick. The excuse is always the same. "Good thing I got the shot just before I got the flu or else it would have been much worse".
While it is true that this is not scientific "Proof" of causality, for something you see with your own eyes on a regular basis it's certainly an indication.
They are not advocating a lab check on electrolytes or other potentially important deficiencies, they are not advocating healthy eating, they are restricting fresh air, sunlight and moderate activity. They are advocating siting around at home eating junk food and probably drinking too much and imposing stress via fear. It's just amazing to me that people cannot see this.”
Dyann Williams
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