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yeah sorry back then I did not know was an open portal for anyone to use. sorry
will updated list on when changes are significant enough to merit

please stay with me. When I post on several posts in a row from Luke Rudkowski @Lukewearechange it is because
HE is in my view the BEST Journalist on Earth. Right up there with James Corbett

When I post Links on FB it is because Abby Cat lays on my hands and I am one handed so I have only my Mac Mouse.

When cat is NOT on my hands I can type a book and tribute to my mother Faith to help you see the resources she gave me to become the activist I am.

Faith was born when Amelia Earhardt disappeared and may be her pioneering reincarnation.

Abby is sad Faith is gone. Spends all of her time with me. On me. Abby lost her brother Nick of 13 years last year. and her mother her first year. by car. Trauma. Sad.
Gonna try CBD oil on Abby today I guess. Need Tips. Wish I had more time... sigh. I lost my dad when I was 5. Trauma. Sad.

     LEGIT SOURCES short list
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DISABLED because I posted truth anybody can pull some strings and get me back on? will try to stay positive
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