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    Stefan Molyneux Friday Mar 13 59:55
Coronavirus Update with Stefan Molyneux! BREAKOUT! March 13 2020 

Disruptions Triggered By The Coronavirus Are Now Exploding Everywhere Mar 13 29:46 
CASE # DOUBLES every 4 days! 
1:35-5:12 9 Countries now show 4 digit Cases Reported
Italy shows a 44% DEATH Case resolution rate compared to recovered cases. But may be poor data or problem reporting. 
Norway 930 Cases has now overtaken S. Korea for cases per 1,000,000 population 4:00
Iran has 2,000,000 or 3,000,000 cases. see Satellite photos of Mass Graves from Space 3:00 approx 
Chinas #s are not honest. Can not be trusted. China can not be trusted. 
Shame on Dr. Drew. He is just wrong and is doing a disservice by downplaying this disease. 3:00-3:30
France Louvre and Eiffel Tower are closed indefinitely.
Rallying Cry Flatten the Curve 
Gold Standard Pandemic Approach 
italy says flatten the curve 19:00 
Our Advice on Communicating 
Endorsed Personal Actions 
Endorsed National Actions 
How To Avoid Being infected

Spain how has LockDown Area of 70,000 Residents. 7:00
Coronavirus: How To Inform Your Friends & Family Without Creating Pushback Mar 12 42:27 
5 to 11 C or 41 to 52 F are the 5 large Corona Wuhan Flu Outbreaks 47 79% Humidity

     Coronavirus Update from Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity 

     NOT THE FLU! 
1st Princess Disaster Cruise Patient is now in Omaha Nebraska and shows NO Sign of recovery after 35 days! 

Requires 2 - 3 weeks of intensive care unit. Can you GRASP the impact on our healthcare system if we do NOT FLATTEN the CURVE? 

     The Real BPEarthWatch 
Bill Gates Bugs Out! Resigns from Microsoft/Berkshire 

- - - - - Thursday Mar 12 2020 
Coronavirus Airborne spreads 4 5 meters on bus See Diagram 
A U.S. level 4 biological lab has now confirmed that the Coronavirus (COVID19) is an airborne (aerosol) virus. This was also confirmed by a Chinese medical study that researched an actual case of airborne spread on a public bus (see below for details).
"COVID19 IS AIRBORNE! President Trump MUST immediately shut down all commercial airline traffic. Every airlines flight puts all passengers at significant risk of being infected precisely because all it takes is one infected person onboard
Coronavirus is AIRBORNE! You Are Not Being Told the Full Truth 

🤔 “It has gain of function properties, which means it travels through air at least 6 or 7 feet, and … there are reports that even contaminated human feces give it off, that the human feces radiate off maybe 6 or 7 feet. So, we've never seen anything like this before in the history of biological warfare, at least in the public record.”

The city of SF with its poop problem may have some issue.
Boyle suspects COVID-19 is a weaponized pathogen that escaped from Wuhan City’s Biosafety Level 4 facility, which was set up to research coronaviruses and SARS. 

The entire country of Norway is 'shutting down'
11:38 a.m.
If you think things have gotten bad in the United States — where St. Patrick's Day parades have been canceled, and the NBA is suspended for the rest of the season — just wait until you hear about Norway. Starting Thursday, the small Nordic country announced "measures that will be the most extensive Norway's population has experienced in peacetime," and which involve practically shutting down the entire country in order to slow the spread of the new coronavirus, Norwegian Minister of Health and Care Services Bent Høie told the national broadcaster, NRK.
In addition to kindergartens, child care facilities, schools, and universities closing nationwide, and a ban on both professional and amateur sports — measures that have been taken only regionally so far in the U.S. — the entire country of Norway is also requiring all hairdressers, massage clinics, gyms, and tattoo parlors to close, Life in Norway and Swedish journalist Peter Imanuelsen report based off the announcement on NRK. Cultural events are also banned, with museums, pools, and libraries additionally closing. While grocery stores will remain open, restaurants, bars, pubs, and nightclubs are required to close if they can't guarantee a three-foot distance between patrons. Buffets, naturally, are banned.
Additionally, everyone entering Norway from anywhere other than another Nordic country will be required to be home-quarantined, regardless of symptoms — one of the most drastic measures taken in Europe so far. Healthcare professionals are no longer allowed to travel abroad, and the country is encouraging its citizens traveling abroad to return home at once.
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