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helpful graph for everyone worrying

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Don’t Believe The Fake News! Here Are The Lies You Are Being Told!

     Ice Age Farmer 
Quarantine Centers PRE-PLANNED in California, WA, OR 

     Norm Macdonald 
Norm Macdonald does standup about coronavirus

The Crash of Wall Street Banks and Insurers this Week is Blamed on the Coronavirus, but the Real Cause is Decades of Money Creation by the Fed

Mar 12, 2020
The financial crisis on Wall Street did not begin with public concern over the coronavirus. Headlines about the virus did not appear in the US until January of 2020, but the Federal Reserve began making hundreds of billions of dollars each week in low-interest, overnight loans to Wall Street’s banks on September 17, 2019. The Fed was creating money to keep banks afloat a little longer, and the cost was passed to the consumer as a rise in the cost of living. Many banks reported massive losses on Monday of this week, including CitiGroup, which lost 16.17%, and JPMorgan Chase, the largest federally-insured bank in the US, fell by 13.55%. The spendthrifts who lit the fuse to this financial bomb now are blaming the coronavirus for the consequences of their folly.

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US Intel Agencies Played Unsettling Role in Classified and “9/11-like” Coronavirus Response Plan 
As coronavirus panic grips the world, concern over government overreach is growing given the involvement of US intelligence agencies in classified meetings for planning the U.S.’ coronavirus response.
by Whitney Webb

Israeli scientists: 'In a few weeks, we will have coronavirus vaccine'

Trump To Declare National Emergency

Complete shutdown On Table

This government is now taking total control over our lives, and will take full advantage of this situation to bring draconian anti-liberty measures to all that live in this country.  This is an atrocity, and one that will change the face of this nation. Current risk includes the implementing of medical martial law as well as the possibility of total martial law with any major resistance from those not willing to accept being in a captured society. I outlined the measures that have been implemented by at least 40 states to affect medical martial law recently in this article. The act that has been adopted is the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA), and the included language is dictatorial in nature.

Besides the sheer tyranny of these measures being planned and implemented as I write this, the certain economic devastation to come is unimaginable. No one will be spared economic harm, and many will be completely destroyed by the government's response to this manufactured panic. In addition, when the virus scare is over, and it will be, the economic destruction will remain, and it could take years for any recovery to take place.

Panic Will End But Tyranny Will Not
By Gary D. Barnett 
March 14, 2020 

Why Coronavirus Vaccines will be Mandatory in 3 Months or Less!
March 12, 2020
1. They created the virus and prepared for its release leading to mass vaccinations;
2. They clamped down on anti-vaccine sites;
3. Released the virus in China around November 2019 near Wuhan for plausible deniability.
4. They announced it to the World indirectly – see video above.
5. Began releasing virus elsewhere, for example Italy.
6(666). Bill Gates calls for mass vaccinations.
7. It continues to spread.
8. In 3 months or less, there will be for forced vaccinations!
Governments will argue, either:
1. Mass exposure and many, many deaths or;
2. Mandatory vaccinations!
As the virus seems to be evolving (probably manufactured), I suspect there will be a vaccination cock-tail.
Be ready: forced coronavirus vaccinations will he here in 3 months of less! These vaccinations will be TAINTED!

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