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Event Sun Mar 29 13:43
NEW VIDEO: The Health Organization The Government Tells You To Trust Should NOT Be Trusted

HEAT Kills SarsCov-2 Virus see: 25:00 and 26:00
     #Masks4ALL Peak Prosperity 
Coronavirus: The Solution Is Becoming Clear Sun Mar 29 35:50

      Coronavirus Updates from Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity

Jeffrey Epstein: The Game of the Global Elite [Full Investigative Documentary]

Dear clueless America: You are now living under the tyranny you deserve, 
for you said nothing when the Big Tech censors came for the truth-tellers who warned you this would happen

Sat Mar 28 

Surveillance and 5G Fast-Tracked Under Pretext of Fighting Coronavirus 
While much of the world has been focused on surviving a "pandemic", social distancing, and quarantines, proponents of mass surveillance and 5G have been scoring major gains. Read more... 

Ah Diversity in Ireland

Success! scott now a crazy cat lady! Cat runs on cat wheel and i run with him! LockDown Success! 
You have got to get a catwheel They are the best! cats can RUN RUN RUN on Hamster Wheel for Cats. 
i put my hands in the wheel when the cat gets in and run my paws with his paws. just as you would dig in sand near a dog to get the dog started digging. so fun! 

Don McBride Wrote: Dr. Oz is a hack. He claimed Centrum Silver is the best multivitamin available but most of it's ingredients are NOT bioavailable to our bodies!! I took that crap for years before I learned the truth. Screw him!!!

Be a good citizen; watch your neighbors from the comfort of your house arrest; if you see something, say something
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