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A:     Screen Rant 10:06
10 Black Mirror Predictions That Turned Out To Be True 

B:     Friday May 8 Day 106 41:39 
Coronavirus: The “Rescue” Is Stealing Your Wealth 

C: Friday May 8 Day 106 34:10 
Coronavirus: The Government Is Failing UsMore people are feeling they're being cast aside as collateral damage  

D:     Masters Report 8:54 
Fed Bill To Allow States To Remove Residents From Homes After Trace Tracking 

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     Max igan 46:36 
Are The Wheels Falling Off The GatesVirus Plandemic? 

I issue is FOOD! These are but details!
Again CIA/FB; There are at least Eight other ways to provide different AI for THEM too use. 
Are The Wheels Falling Off the Gates Virus PLANDEMIC?
May 8th. 2020 thecrowhouse

Is 5G Going to Kill Us All?
A new generation of superfast wireless internet is coming soon. But no one can say for sure if it’s safe.

I feel like climate change has basically snuffed out discussion of all other issues, as you can see, it was mentioned 100 more times than overpopulation. CC is just one of 9 boundaries we must not cross (Rockstron citation below), those with an asterisk, also far less cited than climate change. since 2016 

2,360,000 “climate change” *  

74,800 “soil erosion” (50,900) “soil degradation” (23,900) 
61,200 deforestation 
43,000 eutrophication * (a result of too much nitrogen & phosphorus applied to farmland) 
32,800 “biodiversity loss” * 
24,000 overpopulation 
22,800 “ocean acidification” * 1
1,800 “chemical pollution” * 
8,743 “groundwater depletion” (7100) “aquifer depletion” (1320) “freshwater depletion” (323) * 
8,030 “peak oil” 
5,100 "stratospheric ozone depletion" * 
4,400 bioinvasion 
2,259 “phosphorus depletion” and “phosphate depletion” 
2,210 “Proven oil reserves” 
1,320 “land system change” * 
971 "atmospheric aerosol loading" * 
900 “fishery collapse” (657) “fishery depletion” (89) “fishery decline” (154) 
47 “net plant production” * NPP encompasses 5 of Rockstrom’s 9 boundaries: land-use change, freshwater use, biodiversity loss, global nitrogen and phosphorus cycles as well as affected by climate change and chemical pollution. Running, S. W. 2012. A Measurable Planetary Boundary for the Biosphere. Science. 304,380 Total of not climate change

* Rockstron, J., 2009. Planetary Boundaries: Exploring Safe Operating Space for Humanity. Ecology and Society 

Bill Gates' very telling interview on Common Core
This interview, conducted by Lyndsey Layton of the Washington Post in June of 2014,
tells us little about Gates' involvement in, or impact on, US education, or what's really
motivated that involvement; but it tells us quite a lot about Bill Gates—and, therefore,
why the interview sheds little light on those important subjects. Every time that very
capable reporter tries, quite civilly, to get him to address some common criticism of
his venture into education, his inescapable financial clout, or his own motives, Gates'
face hardens, he starts to hyperventilate, struggling visibly—and often unsuccessfully
—to keep his cool.

This may be how John D. Rockefeller would have acted, or reacted, if he had to do
his own PR on video, instead of merely posing for still photographs, conceived by
his pet propagandist Ivy Lee, to show off his "benevolence" by handing dimes to
little girls. Gates' inability, six years ago, to veil his rage at the impertinence of 
anyone who dares suggest that his "philanthropy" might—like Rockefeller's—
serve his own self-interest (a notion that he calls "outrageous" in this interview) 
would probably explain the care with which his image has been carefully protected
ever since (the pastel sweaters, the interviews by sycophants only), and, lately,
his replacement in the spotlight by the female half of Bill/Melinda Gates.

In short, Bill Gates, and all his machinations, must be watched with all the care
that "our free press" has taken in exalting that relentless oligarch as a great
altruist, and unimpeachable authority on nearly every aspect of our very lives.

To get some truth about the Gates Foundation's educational agenda—and its
total failure, which has not in any way deterred them (on the contrary), check
out these pieces:
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