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March 05, 2020“The 5G Trojan Horse” Documentary 
Dynamic and very informative documentary presented by Derrick Broze a investigative journalist in Houston Texas.

Good information on this flyer! 

JonXArmy 5:58 I am speechless! 

     RichieFromBoston 13:50 
(MIRRORED) Are You Asking Enough Questions 

     Spiro Skouras 12:51 
Setting The Stage For Phase 2 As States Deploy National Guard For Contact Tracing
Phase 2 of the psyop is fast approaching.  WE NEED A PLAN TO STOP THIS! 
CDC website describes a civilian corps of disease SWAT teams, to include the National Guard, to test and snuff out any new outbreaks and do contact tracing.  Eventually, they will be sticking us with Gates toxic vaccine.   

I wonder if this is the plan worldwide.  Probably.  Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide?

Please give me your reaction and any ideas on how to stop this  police state Thu May 14 13:24 
Trump Is Sending In The Military To Inject You 

Video from 2009 Swine Flu and Marial Law
Johnnie Cheadle 3:44 
People need to listen....and be safe
Mandatory Vaccine Oaklahoma and USA Permanent Metal Bracelets with Vaccination Chip
Busses at Roadblocks @ Chokepoints to Send Refusers to Warm Bunk at Fort Riley



UN Peacekeepers Fathered Hundreds of Babies With Girls in Haiti as Young as 11
Girls as young as 11 were impregnated by peacekeepers and left “in misery” to raise their children alone. 

- - - - - Wed May 13

     Wed May 13 Day 110 51:23 
Covid-19 A Result of Lab Manipulation? Suspicions Grow… 

     Amazing Polly 39:37 
The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket 

- - - - - Tue May 12 

     PAPAMUNDI 4:56 
Arrest Bill Gates. The time is now! How much can we take of this criminal? Peter Valentino 

     #STOP5G National Citizens Alliance 6:52 
Huawei Facial Recognition Cameras and 5G Small Cell Antennas: Canada Tue May 12 18:51 
This Is How Bill Gates Uses People For Profit And Power 

     thecrowhouse 32:51 
The New Normal is Abnormal 

FASTING AND COVID-19 - Q&A Session 1 (Intermittent Fasting, Sleep, Immune System)

Q&A Session 2: Yale Study - Fasting during viral infections (FASTING AND COVID-19)

HighImpactVlogs 8:56 $76,000 GoFundMe so Far! WOW!

     Colin Flaherty
The Devil Made them Do it. Why the fellas cannot stop mass shootings in Fort Worth.

The First Report of 5G Injury from Switzerland

- - - - - Sun May 10 Sun May 10 12:30
H.R. 6666: This Is What You Need To Know 

     We Are Change Sat May 9 14:16
🚨🚨🎥NEW VIDEO: My Theory On What’s Really Happening And Why Censorship Must Stop Now 
Censorship should never be the answer.
My Theory On What’s Really Happening And Why Censorship Must Stop Now Download Brave - Visit our MAIN SITE for more breaking ne... 

     HighImpactVlogs 14:30 80% FALSE + RATE! 15-20% FALSE - RATE
CNN Goes Full *....(I Can't Finish the Title) 

     Amazing Polly 39:37 
The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket 

     Mr Cheswick 17:32 
Coronavirus: Armed Gestapo Now Removing People From Homes 
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