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A:     VitC info banned? SGTreport 55:42 
BIG TECH TYRANNY - Zach Vorhies 

Dr. Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity explains why contact tracing isn't going to work in the United States.
Pathologist Explains How The U.S. Medical System Screwed It All Up! 

This is Why You Canít Trust the Fact Checkers
Attacks on independent media have rapidly increased in the last four years.

Subprime auto loans. Implosion incoming. 

HOLD on to your Ö GOLD Silver, Preps, Food Water Stores, HomeStead, First Aid, Guns and Ammo. #Prep for #SHTF

This U.S. State Has Already Established Legal Means for Mandatory Vaccinations 

Italian parliament deputy Sara Cunial calls for arrest of Gates
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