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James O'Keefe @JamesOKeefeIII
BREAKING: @Project_Veritas
“Practice things like an eye gouge. It takes very little pressure to injure someone’s eyes.”
“It’s not boxing, it’s not kickboxing, it’s like destroying your enemy.” 

Harvard Physicist: ‘No Safe Way To Implement 5G’ 

Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., director for the Center for Family and Community Health in the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley, notes:
“The FCC’s RFR exposure limits regulate the intensity of exposure, taking into account the frequency of the carrier waves, but ignore the signaling properties of the RFR. Along with the patterning and duration of exposures, certain characteristics of the signal (e.g., pulsing, polarization) increase the biologic and health impacts of the exposure.
Not one one red cent spent on safety testing

     Niggas Shoppin. SF Sat Eve May 30 2020 
Gucci Cartier Channel Coach Lulu Lemon Dolce&Gabbana Macys Shreve&Co Salvatore FerraGamo Tourbillon Boutique 
Watch Stores Jewelry Stores Shoe Stores H&M Crate & Barrel Marshalls Old Navy 
Real Good Sale. 100% OFF! Shopping spree SF. Everything s Free. Don’ need no credit card. - Jermaine Ellis
Vandals Smash Glass 3 hours of Stores Smashed Looted Dolce&Gabbana Broken Burnt Flooded 
San Francisco at night it’s going down Union Square Sat Eve May 30 2020 
Coach 190 Post St SF 
Dolce&Gabbana 100 Grant Ave SF
Maiden Lane Music Store Christian Louboutin 29 Maiden Ln, SF
Lulu Lemon 327 Grant Ave SF 
Salvatore Ferragamo, 236 Post St SF
Tourbillon Boutique 231 Post SF Music Store 

George Soros Antifa Corona SarsCov2 ChessBoard 

More than 70 cars stolen from San Leandro, CA Dodge dealership during looting spree Hellcat Chargers Challengers 
had parked cars at all the lot exits. It didn't matter."
They started ramming, ramming until they could get out. 
They took out chains and fence posts. It was a very malicious act."

      Peter Feliciano 
I hope you are all having a beautiful day, filled with peace and presence.
Peter Feliciano

"Pleurisy, also known as pleuritis, is inflammation of the membranes that surround the lungs and line the chest cavity (pleurae). This can result in a sharp chest pain while breathing. This can be caused by prolonged mask wearing! But imagine what doctors would assume if you reported that symptom today! No doubt you would be diagnosed with COVID-19 and told to quarantine... with a mask, or even worse... placed into a medically induced coma and on a ventilator, then locked in a room with no visitors allowed!"

Regardless of whether these 2 habits work for SarsCov2 Covid19 Corona Wuhan Flu
they can be very helpful for future pathogens of bacteria or virus
Hand on DoorKNOBS BEWARE! Easy to avoid. So Adopt or Learn that TASK!
Mask has Serious Pros and CONS. THEREFORE Avoid Planes and Busses. Maybe wear a mask into a store, ok. 
But Masks restrict Oxygen supply and can spread disease by constant hand touching / adjusting 
so GOVT should not force you to wear a mask when you are alone in nature. 

Colin Flaherty Live, Sophia Narwitz, Carnage Watch, + Augie & Bowblax
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