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     Do you have kids? are you sure? 
Do you prepare kids for the future? are you sure? 
teach your kids to garden, to use a rake to move leaves off Lawn, path and/ or driveway into compost pile
teach your kids how beneficial earthworms turn fallen leaves into rich fertile soil which helps trees and reduces your water bill

if you have kids but you waste $ on a “gardener” who does not garden but Blows 
Fukushima isotopes and Corona Virus around with a LeafBlower
Does not pull weeds but cuts them with a WeedWhacker so they ROOT stronger but come back every week
then you are NOT preparing your kids for the future

every penny you spend on petrol terror “gardeners” should instead be spent
on buying tools ( cheaper used on / etc. )
rather than teaching your spoiled brats division of labor / “slavery” / that they are more important than the hired help

Get Real. Help Create a Future Together.

you live in EarthQuake country (CA OR WA or USA West Coast)
you are gonna be sorry when
The earthquake breaks the Hetch Hetchy water line and you have no water
because you have RAPED your topsoil of valuable leaf and mulch when
your trees die and fall over or burn your house down
or fall over dead onto power lines

start harvesting rainwater. nature does

Nature does NOT use sprinklers or dams
Nature uses worms to eat leaves and poop fresh Nitrogen rich humus topsoil that
protects soil from drying out and cracking / killing plants

Nature does just fine using only the annual rainfall. 

When did YOU become more smart then MOTHER NATURE? 
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.