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Accurate:      Luke Rudkowski     We Are Change

Luke Rudkowski We Are Change Thu Jul 23 14:29
🚨🚨🎥NEW VIDEO: Portland Is Going CRAZY!! Why People Need To Flee Big Cities
Civil unrest is just one reason why so many people are leaving major cities... Wed Jul 22 14:31
Really?! What Did Trump’s Ghislaine Maxwell Comment ACTUALLY Mean? 
California Residents: Click here to send an urgent postcard to Governor Gavin Newsom asking for an immediate moratorium on toxic poisons devastating our wildlife – just print out, stamp, and send!

What’s It Like To Have Covid-19? An Infected Doctor Speaks Wednesday, July 22, 2020 50:16

MUST READ! California now resorting to China-style “mass house arrest” Covid 19 tactics !!!

Breaking News! Homeowners are bailing on Seattle, film at 11. 

Hmmm, maybe because of this? 

Apparently a giant banner proclaiming “Racism has no place here..” just isn’t enough of a woke statement to keep your business from getting destroyed (almost typed detroited LOL) by the anarchists, oh, sorry I meant peaceful protesters.

“The owners of Likelihood Seattle, a local business selling men’s and women’s shoes at 1101 East Union Street, said their store was hit by the group, but police told them nothing could be done.”

If that last statement is true, then shut off the music as the party is officially over in Seattle. Sell NOW. Don’t wait for next spring. Get out while you can, with whatever you can get for your house. Unless you live in a gated community with private armed security, your house or business could be next. Don’t be surprised when you call 9-1-1 and they tell you that you are on your own. Just another reason why gun and ammunition sales have skyrocketed lately (if you are looking for 9mm ammo, good luck to you).

That this sort of draconian lockdown is now happening in the United States of America is a stark warning for all Americans: None of us are safe while the covid-19 tyrants are in power.

When did the residents at this building sign any document waiving their constitutional rights as Americans? Under what authority are people now held prisoner in their own homes and ordered to subject themselves to flawed medical tests that may cause them irreparable financial harm and health harm if the results are incorrect?

Are we now watching the creepy line of medical tyranny shift from mask mandates to at-home prison sentencing even for those who agree to comply with all the demands of the state?

These are questions that desperately need to be answered with courage by people of principle. If we do not have the right to control our own bodies, homes and personal mobility, then we are not free people at all. We are slaves to a fraudulent, deceptive medical regime that respects nothing except the profits to be generated from the vaccines that are already being marketed with covid-19 mass hysteria.

Big Pharma is now the enemy of humankind. And unless this dangerous enemy is defeated and destroyed, humanity will never be free from pandemics, biological weapons, mandatory vaccines and wave after wave of engineered fear. Because they will never stop terrorizing us all, as it works so well to fill their pockets with easy cash.

Something similar happened in Australia recently.  An entire complex of low income buildings was locked down by the police with NO WARNING.  Residents could not even go out to get groceries.  The lockdown in CA was also of a low income building.

ALERT ! 7/22/2020 -- UPDATE : Tsunami warning from Large M7.8 Earthquake in Alaska -- Coast of Alaska warned

7/22/2020 -- China struck by large M6.3 Earthquake at warned location near Nepal -- Forecast hit

Please do not TOP your TREES. When you TOP or CUT the TOP off your Trees, you create more Sprouts at Cut site.
Clump of sprouts attracts Squirrels w/fleas that attack your bird feeders, get in your attic, chew your wires.
Topping trees / Topping mother nature is not wise. Every time man chooses himself over nature, man loses. 
When you Top a tree, you interfere with it’s nutrient transport, disease resistance, lifespan, and health. 
When you cut a trees roots to install a wall, sidewalk, or driveway, you also damage the tree and contribute to a tree that falls down :(
You may find that the best option for the lifespan of the tree is to … drumroll please … leave the tree alone. Thank you - the trees

Shocking Water Contaminants and The Latest Technology In Water Filtration with Leo Szymborski

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America (1984)

Is it now time White House to investigate Bill Gates for crimes against Humanity? 

UC Berkeley offering online courses ONLY next semester
This is actually a national disgrace, as countless members of the US professoriate, freaked out by the terroristic propaganda they've been avidly absorbing from the New York Times and NPR, and, therefore, knowing nothing about COVID-19, or the most rational responses to it, are OUTRAGED at the thought of going back to teach in-person, evidently thinking it's okay for their students to pay that sky-high tuition, and sink into a lifetime of debt peonage, to "learn" via Zoom. They also evidently think that their going AWOL won't result in their employers going out of business; so this academic cave-in to pure terror is not just grossly unfair to the students, and their families, but ultimately suicidal, too. 

That Berkeley in particular is going all-"remote" (a boon to Bill Gates and his plutocratic cohorts in Big Tech) is especially appalling, as that's where Mario Savio started the Free Speech Movement; and now the Berkeley faculty will be teaching all their classes under full (albeit covert) surveillance, as Zoom is notoriously insecure. As one who teaches courses on propaganda, with students from all over---including China---speaking freely of their experiences of state "persuasion," I see "online instruction" as a 
danger to their safety, and an excellent reason for them to clam up. (That's just one reason why I myself intend to teach for real again this fall, even though I'm 70, and, therefore, statistically more vulnerable than countless younger colleagues who will be spending this next term gratuitously "sheltering in place.")

As Giorgio Agamben has argued, this academic fealty to the paranoid ideal of "biosecurity" on campus is as flagrant a betrayal of their calling as it was when the Italian professoriate pledged allegiance to Fascism under Mussolini.     MCM

     Brad Olsen 
WE ARE CHANGE INTERVIEW: Secrets of Antarctica Revealed! Pyramids, underground bases, free energy devices and more! with Brad Olsen, World Traveller, Author, Lecturer and expert on Ancient Secrets and Esoteric Knowledge: 
We Are Change Melbourne AU Talk Show: Brad Olsen, Secrets of Antarctica
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