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     LEFT = Violence.
if you think you can have a peaceful rally and not be attacked by Violent Thugs from BLM and Antifa you are sadly mistaken.  
The LEFT will NOT leave you alone. The LEFT will enter space with Violence and Anger. Because the LEFT is Violence and Anger. 
The ONLY PLATFORM the LEFT has is Violence and Anger. 

Luke Rudkowski @Lukewearechange 
The political discourse in America is great

     Luke Rudkowski 
Discussion of Wikileaks or Any “Hacked Information” is Now Banned on YouTube
YouTube’s decision to ban discussion of hacked information on its platform is unlikely to improve election integrity in the US.
Are you okay with this?

a plan to create civil war. ?
Many insist that if government stimulus ends a bigger problem will begin. But the "stimulus" actually masks and exacerbates a larger problem, while preventing a real recovery from ever taking place. The only problem associated with ending stimulus is finally dealing with reality.
Kevin Osborne @KevinJOsborne Aug 14  Replying to @PeterSchiff 
When millions of people are foreclosed on with no money and no place to go we'll see a larger problem, alright. At present we're just coping. The reality is what we perceive it is and what I see is a plan to create civil war.
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