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News2Share was live. 15 August at 09:35  · 
Part 2: Heavily armed coalitions of leftists and right wingers face off at Stone Mountain, Georgia. 
Filmed by Ford Fischer

Sickening moment truck driver is kicked unconscious in the street after 'protesters chased his vehicle and he crashed on a sidewalk' in Portland after 'he tried to protect someone from being robbed'
	•	Man was dragged bleeding from his truck after crashing into a tree last night 
	•	He was made to sit down on the ground and told to wait for police to arrive 
	•	Moments later one of the rioters kicked him square in the back of the head
	•	As he lay bleeding and unconscious, shouts of 'Black Lives Matter' were heard
	•	The man was rushed to hospital and police later arrived on the scene where they were abused by the demonstrators for 'protecting white supremacists' 
	•	Riots have lasted for months in Oregon's largest city since George Floyd's death

Open season on white people in Portland
It’s open season on white people in Portland. Even the most die-hard deniers have to admit that.
Over the last day or so we saw a group of fellas pull a white guy from his truck and beat him into submission.
Then they turned their attention on some white girls, blondes, who received similar treatment.
All they while asking what they did to deserve the violence.
Whew… we gotta a lot of work to do.
Plus some new material from Allan the Barbershop guy.
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FB just deleted this brilliant video I just posted. They deleted it from their page too. 
The lconic Podcast. So you know it’s good! Watch it before they delete it again.

     Sky News Australia
Sweden and Switzerland PROVE, respectively, that (a) the lockdowns are a catastrophic wrong, and (b) so is NOT using HCQ+  

     Sky News Australia
Is there a politician ‘with the spine to tell the truth’ on COVID-19: Alan Jones 

Luke Z RudkowskiJust Tue Aug 18 12:24
Bill Gates Did It Again! Politicians Going Mad With Power!
 8/17/2020 -- Earthquake increase due next 7-10 days -- major deep activity reforming now
24/7 Live earthquake stream here:

     $ ECON 
Buffett Buys Barrick Gold, Sells Banks - Ep 602 
Berkshire makes a bet on gold market that Buffett once mocked
Bloomberg/Justina Vasquez/8-14-2020

USAGOLD note:  Whodathunk … An unexpected headline in a year that has already had its fair share of surprises with respect to gold. 
Hollywood’s Apocalypse NOW: Rich and famous are fleeing in droves as liberal politics and coronavirus turn City of Dreams into cesspit plagued by junkies and violent criminal 

Australia's big four banks remove thousands of ATMs, shut down hundreds of branches
Preparation for the cashless society; and as the violent arrest of unmasked people started in Australia, then moved to California, this next phase may unfold in the same way.
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