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     Sargon of Akkad 
This is fantastic. I am all for mainstreaming Uri Bezmenov and his warning about communist subversion of the West.

Stefan Molyneux 
Stefan Molyneux rebuts the article "Pandemic threatens to wipe out decades of progress for working mothers"

It's almost game over, unless we stop acting like pathetic, helpless fools
‘They’ Have Ruined This Country, and Are Now Coming for Your Property, Mind, and Soul: Defend Yourself

Pedophiles Now Control America – No Child is Safe from Medical Kidnapping


Plandemic II: Indoctornation 
Facebook Bans Users From Sharing Debunked ‘Plandemic’ Movie 

"Plandemic II: Indoctornation" 

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     Downtown Vienna
Gee, it looks just like a city---a free city---on a summer afternoon. (Aren't they ashamed of themselves, "putting everyone at risk" like that?)

Oh sh*t they're going for mandatory vax
I Can't Believe They Are Trying To Make This Mandatory! 14:45
Beautiful and amazing human being,

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is pushing for mandatory corona vaccines.

Which would mean if your an Australian you'd be jabbed with a rushed vaccine for a virus that comes from a family that there's never been a successful vaccine before.

On top of that, politicians are talking about making sure 95% of Australians take the shot and banning Australians from flights, restaurants and public transport if they refuse it.

Meanwhile, there is already mandatory vaxx legislation in New York, which I reveal to you in the video above...

As well as news about the $2 million staff of the New York City mayor's wife and the latest riot in Portland.

I also get into more civil unrest and divide and conquer news in the US, including Goodyear diversity training and major corporations supporting BLM.

Have a watch.

Democrats don't think Snowden should be pardoned?
Surely not. After all, Hillary wanted somebody to whack Assange; and Obama used the Espionage Act, against whistle-blowers, more than all other US presidents combined.

This Democratic Party is unrecognizable, even WITHOUT masks.
The Freakout Over Trump Considering A Pardon For NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden
Elites reacted in a way that reflects their deep-seated prejudice toward Snowden's whistleblowing, which exposed global mass surveillance
Kevin Gosztola
Aug 17

     Grotesque much?
The spectacle of Biden's "acceptance speech" was like a Bizarro version of "Sesame Street," with him as a demented Muppet, and a "diverse" (virtual) assembly of "grown-up" Democrats clapping like a lot of damaged children
Note how he and Jill put on their masks after his mini-speech.
Post Stroke Biden's Right Eye is lame

     Colin Flaherty
Greatest Failure of Criminal Intelligence EVER!
Never has there been a greater failure of Criminal Intelligence from the FBI that what happened earlier this year.
That’s when the director of the FBI told Congress that the greatest threat to the domestic security of the United States was white nationalists.
What a joke.
Let’s remember what they said, how liberal rejoiced at that fairy tale, and remind ourselves of the reality TODAY.

Plus some new material from Allan the Barbershop guy.

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Dementia / Alzheimers / Joe Biden Syndrome will increase now in California and USA as Forest Fires are releasing 
12 years of Aluminum Strontium Barium and Titanium DiOxide 
sprayed on Redwoods Douglas Firs Oaks Pines Cedar Spruce etc by Chemtrails / GeoEngineering / Cloud Seeding
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