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See 8.19 for the Next 8 Smoke and Fire Maps below:

Sonoma County Fire Incident Map 50 Miles North of San Francisco, CA

MAP to SHOW SFBAY w/ SONOMA (Lake Berryessa) + Pt Reyes and SMTO CZU. thanks!
URL Below lands you @ CZU Blaze @ SMTO County. then ZOOM OUT
MAP: San Mateo and Santa Cruz County NorCal  Shows SF Breathes SMOKE from 2 North Blazes: SONOMA (Lake Berryessa) + Pt Reyes  shows Pac Coast Breeze from NorthWest

SF Golden Gate Bridge more clear today than yesterday
Shows 10 Graph of Temps, Breeze, wind Direction, Cloud cover, Rain, 

SF better today than Stanford / Palo Alto. MAP: Air quality all across the SF peninsula is bad. The smoke is everywhere: 

Ocean Beach SF Kelly's Cove thanks to Terra the Weather Goddess

Dementia / Alzheimers / Joe Biden Syndrome will increase now in California and USA as Forest Fires are releasing 
12 years of Aluminum Strontium Barium and Titanium DiOxide 
sprayed on Redwoods Douglas Firs Oaks Pines Cedar Spruce etc by Chemtrails / GeoEngineering / Cloud Seeding
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