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Kyle Kashuv     @KyleKashuv     36m 
Brutal RNC Ad

Syrian Girl     @Partisangirl     1h on twitter
For the record #Kylerittenhouse didn't take the first shot, it was whoever this guy was chasing after him.

     Andy Ngô     @MrAndyNgo on twitter
Violent BLM rioters fight police on the street in DC.

     Andy Ngô     @MrAndyNgo on Twitter
A large BLM mob has gathered outside the home of Seattle police union president,
@realmikesolan     . #SeattleRiots #antifa

     Andy Ngô     @MrAndyNgo on Twitter
“You’re trapped now!” Aggressive masked protesters confront people tonight who are leaving the White House RNC event. Video by
     Kyle Kashuv     @KyleKashuv 
Protestors assault police officer who was protecting Rand Paul

Luke Rudkowski Retweeted 
MeCadGuy     @mecadguy     From @FordFischer
- senator Rand Paul assaulted by protestors.

     Sargon of Akkad 
Mob Justice is Good, Actually: a Vaush Treatise on Moral Philosophy

"Have You Ever Wondered Why So Many BLM/Antifa Members All Have Substantial Arrest Records? Could It Be They Are Bailing Out Prisoners To Become Rioters Through "BLM's - The Bail Project, Inc?" Freed Inmates Become Indentured Deep State Servants."
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