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     Andy Ngô     @MrAndyNgo on twitter 49m
Happening now: #Antifa black bloc militants surround the
East Precinct (in the heart of former CHAZ) & throw incendiary devices at the building. They recently barricaded the door with quick drying cement & set building on fire. #SeattleRiots

     Luke Z Rudkowski 
Joe Rogan vs Spotify Censorship! What The Hell Is Going On And Now We Have White Latinos?
Please Sign 5G/Wireless Petitions Before It's Too Late!

HUGE WIN:CA Legislature PASSES AB 1788—Governor isNext!
Action Alert Update: CA Legislature passes AB 1788 in a huge win for wildlife! 
Thanks to you and your phone calls, emails, and letters, AB 1788 passed through the state legislature last night!

We are thrilled with this win for children, pets, and wildlife, and very grateful to Assemblymember Richard Bloom for his years of persistence in tackling this issue!

AB 1788 will prevent more poisonings by placing a moratorium on second generation anticoagulant rodenticides
until the California Department of Pesticide Regulation finishes its reevaluation process, a process put in motion by a lawsuit filed by RATS in 2018 under the California Environmental Quality Act.

Proposed NY Senate Bill A99 would allow forced vaccinations and imprisonment in detention centers
IT'S HERE! Senate Bill Proposes COVID Detention Centers & Forced Vaccination…Are We Too Late?

Facebook deletes Australian anti-lockdown protest group with 120,000 members
Mark Zuckerberg & Co. really want Australians to be safe!

Nancy Pelosi confirms she got hair done indoors in San Francisco

I know some good people who live in California, and this is just awful.
These are the governor's guidelines for what it will take to get some of the restrictions lifted. Note that there is no stage that involves getting your life back, period:
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