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RIDING THE DRAGON: The Bidens' Chinese Secrets (Full Documentary) - YouTube 
41 min. video
Uncover the secret world of Joe Biden and his family's relationship to China and the sinister business deals that enriched them at America's expense.

This one is a short summary, the last 5 min. of the video above, but it doesn't include all the evidence in the full documentary above.
Everything We Know about Biden's China Corruption | Riding the Dragon: Chapter Six - YouTube 
5 min. video

African Migrants are NOT contributing any GOOD or Productive “culture”,  are NOT keeping 6 foot apart.    CLOSE THE DAMN BORDERS NOW
Just Another Sheep     @offendedbyme     22m 
The African migrants, in Drogheda. A great bunch of lads.

Luke Rudkowski     @Lukewearechange     on twitter 1h Rebel News
The officers who are following these orders are ruthless immoral thugs who are destroying their country and the future of their own children. Pathetic

Rand Paul: Funding Given To Rioters Needs To Be Traced, Investigated – Summit News


Global Warming is caused by LEAFBLOWERS that emit 50-200 x the amount of particulate and greenhouse gasses of a car. 

That Global Warming brought a Hurricane off Baja CA 2 Weeks ago that reached up w/ Thunder and Lightning to Monterey SCRUZ SMTO SF Marin Sonoma Lake County etc. that 

caused the Forest Fires and SMOKE we ARE breathing NOW. TODAY. That caused the Week Long Spare The Air Day Marathon. 

LeafBlowers are NOT allowed in Green towns on Spare The Air Days. But the Leafblowers don’t obey that law. therefore: 


"During an interview with Del Bigree,
Zachary Vorhies
made some recommendations with regard to continued contact. He is predicting that the closer we get to November 4 the more we will have interruptions in our social media and other forms of communications, ie FB messenger. We might see communications going down for days if not a whole week.
Messaging apps recommended by Zach Vorhies: is a big backup for Facebook Messager users. Signal isn't as clean or full featured, but it is better encrypted. has the strongest protection of free speech. is not as strong as gab for its protections.
Zach recommends ProtonMail, which has end to end encryption when you are talking with another protonMail account."
Georg Telemann

     Zachary Vorhies RE: GOOGLE / AI Censorship

Josh del Sol 
Jordan Peterson taps in so deeply here into the core dilemma, that he comes to tears. (2 mins 47 seconds):
Join me on Telegram for uncens.ored updates:
See My Left Foot Movie by Daniel Day Lewis (sp?)
Man w/ 

We Are Change 6 Sept 
What the hell is going on in Australia? 
Three More Arrested in Australia for Making Anti-Lockdown Posts Online

Do I have this straight? Church attendance is being criminalized & pedophilia is gaining legal protection in California.

Dutchsinse Tue Sep 8
9/08/2020 -- Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) beam shooting from California to MALHEUR NATIONAL REFUGE
Of all the freakin' places, man.....
Best view of the beam seen in full HD 1080p at 11:34 or so. another good view at 13:20 or so... In a very strange turn of events, upon the upload and premiere of this video on youtube.. almost all shots of the beam were EDITED OUT SOMEHOW BY GOOGLE / YOUTUBE? You literally cannot see the beam in the whole video that was seen live by my audience just fine over on twitch.
High power microwave can show up on IR. So can high power IR lasers. Both could theoretically cause fires. 
This is a real life example of something beaming from somewhere very strange (malheur) to another location hundreds of miles away directly into a fire.
Here are screenshots of the beam
You can check the links yourself here in the description to see what I'm showing in the video. Google decided to edit my video or somehow the beam was edited out!!!! this is troubling.
Quite literally I don't know what to say, and even if I did I wouldn't say it.
Link here to see for yourself.
Near Infrared view:
View the beam coming from / going to Malheur here:

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