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In Australia Black Lives Matter protest are allowed meanwhile Grandma sitting alone on the bench well this happens 

Sargon of Akkad
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Active Measures: Destabilisation

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EYE CANDY - good to relax and enjoy for an hour of ART! Mellow! 
AI LiDAR Hydrology to save Native FISH Habitat / Forest EcoSystem
Lidar-Based NHD and WBD Delineation in Western Oregon
     Apology. Map Fetish

Please All: Do SAME for YOUR TOWN TODAY! Take advantage NOW of LOCKDOWN and SMOKE
Folks are: AT HOME. FED UP. Sick and Tired of Leafbowers: Noise Pollution, Particulates that 
cause Cancer and Respiratory illness and death. Hearing Loss Too! CO2, CO, SO2, NOX Methane etc. 
Ban Gas Powered Leaf Blowers in Menlo Park, Ca
25 have signed. Let’s get to 100! = FULLY CUCKED. DO NOT SUPPORT. other than just one… or maybe just NEVER. Yeah Best to NEVER. CUCKOLD

OK Perchance you’re already on Change then do that one! Maybe then Stop…
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