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Trump's "secret weapon" revealed: Fourteenth Amendment allows the President to 
strip Electoral College votes from states supporting censorship against voters; 
enables mass arrests of mayors, governors and judges who support BLM

What has Happened and What to Expect with the Creek Fire, Bear Fire, and August Complex Wildfire
Great video on the current CA fires 🔥. This is a great summary of the current fire conditions and explains why we have so much smoke cover-

9/11 Suspects (Full Documentary | 2016) 
 Corbett Report Extras Sep 4, 2020 1:13:20
2018... China talking about launching a SPACE BASED LASER to shoot down "satellite debris" using a powerful infrared laser!!!!!!

HA HA FUNNY! MUST SEE!   James Woods     @RealJamesWoods 
Dogs are God’s gift to us. What a good boy!
Paul Joseph Watson     @PrisonPlanet 
This video exposes how people are invoking this woke BLM rhetoric just so they can act shitty and excuse their obnoxious, insufferable behavior.

Patrick Henningsen     @21WIRE 
The #masks folly continues, here #Pittsburgh police officer appears to be high on coffee & donuts and flips after mask argument. The whole scene encapsulates the #COVID spectrum now...

V for Vendetta 2020 ||  V-Revealed 2020 Update: Ep 3 – Del Bigtree
Destroying USA / Censorship / Stunting For A Vaccine Unicorn / etc. 
V-Revealed 2020 Update: Ep 3 – Del Bigtree 

V for Vendetta 2020? 

V for Vendetta knew our future would be a bleak one
A movie that seemed to take things too far ultimately did not take them far enough 

V For Vendetta Is A Perfect Representation Of 2020 
Now streaming on Netflix, the big-screen adaptation of V For Vendetta has
                        proven to be an oddly prescient movie for what's happening in 2020. 
By Kayleigh Donaldson Jun 22, 2020 

4 US Presidents and their wives executed ??
As with most things I put out, No I was not there so I can't say for sure. 
   "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false" CIA Director William Casey Feb 1981!topic/ozgurmilliyetciler/45m6wgL7EUo
MK Ultra 

The HighWire with Del Bigtree     4 September at 11:10  ·  
Are big tech giants manipulating the masses and pushing an agenda? Zach Vorhies, “The Google Whistleblower,” addresses what he learned while working at Google, within their YouTube department, and has a shocking prediction about social media’s possible plan as we approach the 2020 election.
#Censorship #FactCheckers #Shadowbanning #InternetBlackout #2020election #ElectionYear
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