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TimeLapse Arson Fires CA OR WA West Coast USA Gif FULL COLOR SATTELite

     ARSON West Coast USA
9/7/20 - Salinas, CA - Anita Esquivel arrested for starting fires along hwy 101 in California.
9/9/20 - Roseburg - 5 people arrested for starting 2 fires in Sutherlin, 2 in Glide and 1 in Reedsport.
9/9/20 - Puyallup, WA - witnessed a man starting fires, not arrested yet, extinguished the fires.
9/9/20 - Spokane, WA - Christine Camello arrested for starting multiple fires, extinguished.
9/9/20 - Dexter, OR - a man was witnessed starting a fire at campground in Dexter along hwy 58, extinguished.
9/8/20 - Eugene, OR - Elias Newton arrested for starting a fire that burned nearly 400 acres in Sweet Creek near Mapleton.
9/9/20 - Junction City, OR - man arrested for lighting illegal fireworks next to business with wood and dry grass. Police found additional mortars at his home.
9/9/20 - Albany, OR - man was witnessed starting 4 fires along I5, driving a black Mini Cooper, not yet arrested, fires extinguished.
9/8/20 - Eagle Point, OR - man was witnessed starting a fire by vandalizing an electrical box. He ran away and passerby's extinguished the fire. Suspected to have started the Obenchain fire which is now 8,000 acres and growing. The Eagle Point, Ashland and Obenchain fires are all connected by area.

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Vlad Cood
1 hr  · 

QUESTION: Would Antifa stage a Mass Shooting?
So far, Antifa has adapted protests into the burning of business districts across America. With the support of the regional Democratic Governors and Mayors, they've choreographed an assault on Law & Order. This political statement has been used to unite the leftist core of anarchists of the fractured Democratic Party.
Now Antifa is torching the forests to make a political statement about climate change. And look at Newsom's response to immediately politicize these fires, so he can offset his mismanagement of the states resources. He shifts the blame to push the Green New Deal, while grand standing in the center of the devastation his mismanagement has caused.
This manifested disaster is to attack Trump’s rollback of Obama’s environmental policies that did far more damage to local economies then any positive impact to climate change. Cause global warming is not a local issue, its global.
The Antifa arsonists are attacking Trumps policies for an energy independent America. This destructive political statement is being used to unify the fringes of environmental activists in order to energize the fractured Democratic Party. So what’s next?
We know that Trump strongly supports the 2nd Amendment. We know that whenever there’s a mass shooting, there’s always an uproar by the left over gun control blaming the right. We know that all shooting have resulted in mass protests against Trump this year. The question is, would Antifa go this far?
You’ll recall that earlier this year, the attack on the 2A began when NY’s attorney general filed charges against the NRA. We also know the Cuomo told Trump “you better bring and army if you wana set foot in NY again”
Among many considerations, my analysis lends to a high probability that NY would be the place for such a mass shooting. It has an anti-Trump and anti-guns agenda, has been loose on crime, and has a strong Blue voter-ship. Such a tragic disaster would create an opportunity for Cuomo to get away from his horrific handling of Covid. He would go from being the grandparent killing villain, to the victim of a horrific injustice based solely on Trumps advocacy over the 2A as the cause of such a tragedy. 
And if the target of the shooting should be a black audience by a white shooter who gets killed in the police crossfire… this country would go berserk! And you bet the CNN and all the propaganda press would turn Cuomo into a savior, and Trump into the devil.
Nothing brings Americans together more than such a tragedy. It’s why the Democratic Party has refused to denounce Antifa, because it needs the lunatic left now more than ever. And when Trump denounced the radical Alt-right hate groups, causing them to break away from the GOP, many linked up in cohort with the lunatic left. So the fractured Democratic Party is desperate to regroup under a central message, cause hating Trump is no longer enough. Its why they have Antifa to spark it for them.
IT GETS WORSE!!!!! NY is not the only viable target for such an attack. It can take place in any Blue state, and any mismanaged sanctuary city that has been slightly spared by significant impact of the Antifa attacks. This places San Francisco at the top of the list, cause … yup… It’s Pelosi’s district… and she’s in desperate need for a political makeover after her blowjob scandal. This would absolutely do the trick. 
This is why I ask you all… How far do you believe Antifa and Far Left will go to undermine Trumps 2A platform in order to laminate him with the deaths of innocents in their effort to effect his campaign? 
Could it happen when Biden refuses to debate, and drops 15 point in the polls? There's still the 'Assault on the White House' that’s about to commence. It can also be a trigger. And with 50 days left… and Trump rallies looking like a Biden roast, the DNC’s energy and enthusiasm is dwindling rapidly.
I pray to God that I’m wrong, but in an overabundance of caution, I’m posting my personal analysis as a warning to all my friends that read my posts to please be extra cautious vigilant.
Our true enemies are those that put their political ambitions ahead of our lives, and will resort to evil to accomplish their agenda - Not peacemakers that get nominated twice for the Nobel Prize twice last week. 
It does NOT feel good to post this. I’ve never wanted so bad to be so wrong - and God willing, I will be. But its 2020. I don’t wana live with the hindsight of never saying anything about the evil of political extremism that Antifa is all about. 
Please be safe, and be well.
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