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What Its Like Living in California Now 
AwakenWithJP Sep 22, 2020 8:37

Pedo island flight logs - WeAreChange Sep 21, 2020 16:10
HOLY COW: Rich Elite Traffickers Are Panicking!

Luke Rudkowski     @Lukewearechange     1h 
New Florida law "Driver is not responsible for injury or death if driver is fleeing from a mob" 
Blocking Traffic And Damaging Property While Protesting Could Become Felonies In Florida
"Driver is NOT liable for injury or death caused if fleeing for safety from a mob," the legislation reads.

Crazed Black man stabs two White men on NYC subway. 
Fella stabs 2 white males on the train. "Crazy"? 41% or more of black people. "Random?" happens the same way ALL THE TIME. Public Defender No More says that if we knew the type of people he knows are walking the streets most would board up and never leave home.@colinflaherty
Andy Ng     @MrAndyNgo     33m 
BLM-antifa in Portland are marching & chanting loudly through the Laurelhurst residential area in southeast Portland right now. They are heading to the Penumbra Kelly police building, a place they attack regularly. Road is shut down. #PortlandRiots
Sargon of Akkad     @Sargonofakkad100     4h
This Is How Bad Things Are 

     Sept 20 2020
Burglars switch to homes in S.F. as tourists, and their cars, stay away
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