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Amber @AmberBaldet 23m 
*stop doom scrolling*

Andy Ng @MrAndyNgo 13h Outside the @SeattlePD
east precinct, the heart of the former CHAZ, #antifa rioters have returned tonight. They started fires on the street. Last night they bashed a cop on the head with a metal bat. Seattle city council voted this week to defund SPD.

- - - - - THURS SEP 24

Andy Ng     @MrAndyNgo     50m 
BLM rioters in Los Angeles (Hollywood) attack a driver on the road tonight.

GrantB911     @GrantB911     7h     
WATCH: A lonely looter's arm unlocks the security gate at a Verizon store in Chicago. Wait 'til you see what's on the other side of the door!

Luke Rudkowski     @Lukewearechange     9m
Prius drivers, really! And he got arrested!!!
Andy Ng     @MrAndyNgo     9m 
Graphic: A BLM protester in Los Angeles who shut down the road with a large mob got hit by a truck.
Andy Ng     @MrAndyNgo     6m 
Antifa rioters have started a large fire outside the
union hall, a building theyve broken into and set on fire multiple times in the past 110 days. Police just declared the gathering an unlawful assembly. #PortlandRiots #antifa

Andy Ng     @MrAndyNgo     1h      
All you white mother fkers leave! First Unitarian Church in Louisville is welcoming black protesters & rioters as the curfew comes into effect. Some are making sure whites stay out. They threaten to beat up those who dont comply. Vid by 

Andy Ng liked     Brendan Gutenschwager     @BGOnTheScene 
Dozens of militiamen armed outside of this gas station in downtown Louisville #Louisville #LouisvilleProtests

Jeff Rainforth   @Bring_Back_Phil     1h Replying to    @BGOnTheScene
Those are Oathkeepers. They released a video yesterday & emailed for volunteers. The gas station owner asked them to be there to protect the facility. Combat vets, firefighters, and EMTs.
Oath Keepers on ground in Louisville, protecting Baders Food Mart
502 693 8754 Burner Phone on Scene to volunteer w/ or for Kentucky 

Allan the Barber Shop Guy     @allan_shop     3h 
...just in case censor-tube tries to block it (here it is again)     @colinflaherty     @Mr_Nuffin

Global Cool on the way. Acc to NASA etc. 2030 etc. Should make Real Estate $ UP for SF/ PEN as we are surrounded by Water so would be warm when other states FREEZE


Lee Sayer     2 hrs   
Devil horns are certainly fitting for this little demon. Dr. Fauci on Cover of Time Magazine / Rag

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