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Vlad Cood
44 mins  
YES - I WAS NOT RIGHT - The debate happened!
All my predictions about the debate never manifested.
To my amazement it took place and went the distance.    
But was this really a debate or something else????
After my first time watching it, and getting frustrated with how erratic it  was, with so much back and forth, and lack of moderation, I was disappointed with both Trump's and Biden's performances.
However, when I watched it the 2nd time on c-span, that used a side by side split frame mode the entire time, it was like watching an all different debate.
It was clear that Wallace was not moderating at all.   As Trump pointed out  early on... he was there to debate Wallace.     And that's how the debate   went.
In fact it was Biden that first interrupted, and continued interrupting throughout, while Wallace steered Trump's  answering and argued with Trump personally, and cut him off consistently.
Yet when Biden spoke his rehearsed answers into the camera, Wallace gave him free reign to run tangentially.  But when Trump tried to rebut, Wallace argued with Trump and immediately moved onto the next segment according to his own agenda, never letting Trump conclude.  Despite the consistent cock-blocking by Wallace, Trump mostly maintained his composure, all be it clearly upset with getting constantly cut off.  
Even when Trump was given the loaded question about white supremacy and Wallace repeated the half-quote, that's been debunked, about Trump calling them "nice people on both sides", he again got sideswiped by Wallace.    
It's a documented truth that Trump has denounced the Alt-Right and just  last week proposed to make the KKK and Antifa terrorist groups.    So when he responded that Biden would also need to denounce Antifa as well, cause they are just as extreme, Biden ignorantly claimed that Antifa is an ideology and not a group, and immediately Wallace cut off the question to save Biden, yet again.   Trump never got a chance to even address the racist setup by Wallace.
Despite all the moderating dominance of "The Wallace Inquisition" charade, Trump was dynamic, responsive and spoke of policy.   He debated 2 Democrats at the same time.    Even though he was on the defense a lot more due to Wallace's interruptions and rebuttals, he stood his ground despite Wallace's over-talk and  power trip.
Biden on the other hand was rehearsed with scripted generic answers that  came of disingenuously and shallow.  Each time Trump asked him a question, he had no answers.    He just accused Trump of being a liar, and avoiding his questions with endless denials.     All Biden did was talk his scripted narrative and refused to answer anything Trump threw at him.   And Wallace let Biden get away with it by cutting him by moving to the next topic instead of putting Biden on the spot to answer, like he did to Trump every time.
Every time Wallace interrupted Biden, it was to redirect him back on  the party narrative, it was an assist.  When Wallace interrupted Trump, it was to impede him from making his point and to cut him off with the next segment of his interrogation.
Watching it initially on Fox and then on c-span was like watching 2  different debates.   Anyone that says that Fox is Trump bias ... last night proved the opposite with all their camera magic, and democratic narration domination to make Biden look better, and Trump look worse.
After my 2nd watch, it was clear that Biden was the aggressor, following  Wallace's lead on tag team interruptions, and answered nothing, claiming  everything a lie, called Trump a liar all the time and even a clown, and simply was there to speak his rehearsed lines into the camera, while Wallace ran interference.
Overall, Trump stuck to his accomplishments, policy and platform.   Biden  was "the democratic party" of double talk, projection, lies, and chronic  denial.   Even replying 3 times that Hunter's receipt of 3.5 million [in hush  money] from the wife of Moscow's mayor, which is a certified fact, as "that's a lie, it never happened!"
It's also clear that Biden was wearing a prosthetic earpiece.   This is  standard for him.  When you watch them side by side, when Trump was talking, Biden is distracted, and his focus is somewhere else, and not on what Trump is talking about.   It's clear visible on c-span in split frame view mode.  But you don't see this so much on the MSM broadcast that pans and zooms on the speakers.  This is why Biden's debate team refused to let him be scanned for electronic communication devices before the debate.    And based on Biden's body language, there is little doubt he was on something.   His glossy dark eyes, and stiff rigidity was not natural.   It was like he had no soul.   
Upon the 2nd time watching, i saw how well Trump got his strong points  across against both his opponents, and Biden came across like a pleading little flip flopping liar that was on a short leash by Wallace.
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